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The Workplace Reimagined

Jon Hafey / June 17, 2021
Workplace Meeting

Many businesses probably felt like someone pressed fast-forward on the workplace transformation when COVID-19 hit. Suddenly nearly everyone was working from home, and contrary to many pre-conceived notions about remote work, employee productivity seemed to rise.

It’s now predicted that by 2025, AT-HOME WORKERS WILL INCREASE FROM PRE-PANDEMIC LEVELS BY 87%, and we’re already beginning to see that trend. Even as pandemic restrictions lift, companies are seeing benefits to continuing this flexible work schedule.

However, with pros often come some cons – or at least an adjustment period.

Most industries have faced the challenge of having staff with the right expertise for print management. And now, with dispersed workforces, that has become an even bigger challenge.

With some people working from home, some in the office, and many adopting a hybrid schedule, understanding how to support all office situations efficiently and securely can be overwhelming.

Although the traditional office seems to be a thing of the past, companies like Toshiba that offer business solutions are reimagining the workplace and tailoring services to this new office concept.


It makes sense why companies may be hesitant about owning a device. Recruiting, hiring, training, and maintaining the personnel required to deliver internal services takes energy away from the core of their business.

But businesses don’t need to take on this burden just to have a reliable print solution that meets the needs of all employees, no matter where they have an office. TOSHIBA’S MANAGED PRINT AS A SERVICE program alleviates clients of these responsibilities and provides expert insights to find where costly inefficiencies may lie in print fleets and workflows.

And most importantly, we’re helping businesses reimagine a fresh perspective to fit this accelerated change. Remote work is here to stay, and it can be overwhelming for businesses to catch every detail this has affected.

That’s where our team comes in.


I like to think of Toshiba like a dating app for your business solutions. We consider all aspects of your business and look at the qualities of our solutions to find the best match for what we hope will be a lifelong relationship. And just like any successful relationship, we put in the work to make sure you’re getting everything you need.

As the office model shifted to virtual verses physical, services to support offices had to shift too. We listened to what our clients were going through and adjusted our approach.

Toshiba looked at new concerns, continuing concerns, and ways to make ongoing improvements:

Cloud – It’s no secret that managing a business remotely requires cloud capabilities. But understanding what software suits the needs of the company and their employees is not as clear cut. Toshiba can direct you to a secure solution that helps improve workflow in a new, remote, normal.

Performance Insights – Huge business decisions are being made everyday to keep up with the changing office landscape. But how are you supposed to make the right decisions without access to your organization’s data? Our cloud-based portal gives you instant access to this information.

Security – Remote offices have created more opportunities for hackers to gain access to your information. CYBERATTACKS OCCUR 5X MORE TODAY than five years ago. That’s why it’s crucial to protect your business. Toshiba’s assessment can pinpoint possible vulnerabilities and provide solutions to ensure you are secure.

Costs – Most industries had to tighten their purse strings as a result of the pandemic. Implementing solutions may sound like an added expense, but actually Toshiba solutions can create immediate long-term cost savings of more than 50%. We look at existing solutions that no longer serve your company and eliminate or replace it with a more efficient solution.

We don’t want you to ever feel like you have to breakup with our solutions, so we’re constantly growing to ensure they remain compatible. We even start you out with a FREE ASSESSMENT. Contact a Toshiba expert to set one up today.