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Our supplies serve
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From genuine Toshiba toner to thermal barcode ribbons, Toshiba is your one-stop shop
for all your printing needs—all right from the comfort of your office.

Genuine toshiba supplies

Why use genuine Toshiba supplies?

Toshiba supplies are specifically designed to work in Toshiba products. Our demanding specifications, high-quality standards and rigorous testing ensure the highest-quality product that will work best with your equipment.

Protect yourself

Identifying Toshiba supplies.

To protect yourself from potentially harmful counterfeit supplies, we suggest looking for five key areas to distinguish between genuine Toshiba toner cartridges and counterfeit. Also look for security barcodes added to the packaging and product.

  • Label
  • Logo
  • Embossment
  • Cap
  • Lot Number

Avoid fraud

How to combat supplier fraud.

Combating copier supplies fraud is a crucial aspect of maintaining the integrity and profitability of businesses. We suggest businesses follow these five steps.

  • Know your rights
  • Assign designated buyers and track your purchases
  • Check all documentation before you pay the bills
  • Train your staff
  • Report fraud

Toner made in USA.

Supplies made by our Toner Products Division are made right here in the United States.


We know that high quality toner supplies and parts are essential for ensuring clear, sharp and vibrant prints. Toshiba's premium supplies provide reliable, long-lasting performance, saving time and money in the long run.

Low cost of ownership

Save money on printing costs without sacrificing quality. We provide affordable options for a budget-friendly and efficient printing solution.


Toshiba provides high-quality, durable products for reliable, consistent performance and peace of mind.


We provide an easy-to-use recycling program for our customers. Just drop your Toshiba waste consumables – cartridges and toner bottles – into the provided receptacle and we do the rest.

Thermal barcode media

To ensure you’ll get the most out of your Toshiba barcode printer, we recommend using Toshiba-certified ribbons. We also support other printer brands and offer a variety of products for your business-critical
labeling applications.


The Toshiba wax range is an economical printing solution for flat head technology. Wax ribbons can be used on both vellum and coated papers, delivering dark, defined edges perfect for barcode and shipping labels.


Wax-resin, known for its high-quality performance, provides excellent results on coated papers and synthetics (PE, PP, PET). It also features good resistance to smudging, is ideal for printing barcodes at 90° and has sharp-edge definition.

Flat head

Our resin ribbon range is made up of superior technology and are recommended for synthetic label materials (PE, PP, PET). The products are intended for extremely demanding print applications and harsh conditions.

Near edge
Flat head
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