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Healthcare providers have a tough task of balancing patient care while maintaining policies that protect patient privacy. Given added pressures placed on healthcare workers by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more challenging to maintain this balance due to higher volumes of patient information related to testing, admissions, reporting, and claims processing.

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While businesses are busy trying to protect their workplace and employees from COVID-19, hackers are busy trying to find innovative ways to infect your devices with malicious software.

Security experts say COVID-19 has created a new wave of phishing and malware attacks with bad actors using this pandemic to lure unsuspecting victims. In fact, according to the security firm ZScaler, hacking threats have increased 15% a month this year and in March they even jumped to 20%.

As businesses start to open with limited capacity, lots of us will continue to work remotely while others will return to the workplace. This puts additional burden on the IT departments as now devices must be secured for both onsite employees and for those who continue working from home.

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As consumers, we are purchasing more and more online compared to traveling to a brick and mortar store. In fact, eCommerce sales have doubled in the past five years and are approaching 20% growth year over year.  And, this growth was accelerated with COVID-19’s shelter-in-place orders that shifted online shopping from an occasional method to the only method of shopping for many.

This tremendous growth in eCommerce is driving increased distribution volume.  And that has placed a burden on companies to maintain operational efficiencies while remaining profitable and adhering to regulatory compliance.  But, achieving this has become harder. Consumers expect quick turnaround and more options, like next-day shipping, ship to store, and ship to locker.

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Unfortunately, the bad guys have been hard at work during the pandemic. Essential businesses have been massively hit by cyberattacks while they were busy keeping up with the extreme demands placed on serving functions essential to our nation.

The World Health Organization itself saw a fivefold increase in cyberattacks. Work from home employees were also a targeted segment with massive phishing campaigns disguised as interesting COVID-19 topics depositing malicious software into computer systems. In fact, hackers of all kinds are exploiting COVID-19 subjects and scenarios in both large and small ways.

Tragically, the FBI Internet Crime center has seen a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes since the beginning of the pandemic.  As a result, 70% of businesses are expected to increase security spending in the coming year.

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We’ve seen the tremendous impact of COVID-19 affecting hospitals and care facilities around the globe.  As the system overflows with patients, there are a few ways we can leverage technology to speed up processes, eliminate errors, and make it easier on our healthcare workers.

At Toshiba, we’re always looking for ways to help customers, and healthcare is a great example. We’re there to help ease the stress of patient care with the simple use of barcodes which can take the pressure off the flow of patients, samples and information.

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