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Agriculture is the number one industry in South Dakota. So, in 2016 when Toshiba’s toner plant in Mitchell, SD turned 30, employees decided to celebrate agronomically.

“Because pollinating insects, such as monarch butterflies and bees, are considered endangered species, we decided to focus on a biodiversity project,” said Teresa Sternhagen, General Manager at ‎Toshiba Toner Products Division. “We had the perfect spot behind the plant for a pollinator plot.”

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Customizing Your MFP

By Robert Covington

Toshiba’s newest Office Collection Multifunction products (MFPs) are not just the most productive ever produced, but they’re actually fun too.

I know what you’re saying “Fun? Really Robert? I think you’ve inhaled too much toner.” But yes, they really are fun, in much the same way playing with your cellphone is fun.

You can customize the background image, add apps to improve productivity, and even set defaults to suit your preferences. There are countless ways to make it work just for you. Let’s take a few minutes and explore some of the easy customizations you can use to make your MFP work for you in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

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Since its inception in 1970, Earth Day has served as an annual reminder of how fragile our planet is and our responsibility to protect it.

As individuals, we control the decisions we make to reduce our own carbon footprint – drinking from a reusable water bottle, not buying items with unnecessary packaging, and recycling as much as possible. What’s not in our control is how the companies we work for strive to lessen their environmental impact.

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What should a school do if it has 200 aging end-user devices that need to be replaced? How about a school district that needs to upgrade their fleet, but does not have the time to write and advertise an RFP?

These aren’t hypotheticals, they’re real-life examples. With schools reopening and playing catch up on procurement tasks, while impacted by pandemic-related budget cuts and staff cutbacks, many schools do not have the resources to go out to bid.

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Cloud services are so pervasive these days that we use them without noticing. Streaming music, movies, or TV? You’re in the cloud. Backing up your photos on your phone? The cloud. Using online spreadsheets or word processing software? Cloud. Streaming video games? And so on.

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