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We’ve seen the tremendous impact of COVID-19 affecting hospitals and care facilities around the globe.  As the system overflows with patients, there are a few ways we can leverage technology to speed up processes, eliminate errors, and make it easier on our healthcare workers.

At Toshiba, we’re always looking for ways to help customers, and healthcare is a great example. We’re there to help ease the stress of patient care with the simple use of barcodes which can take the pressure off the flow of patients, samples and information.

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Well, it looks like we might be going back to work. Some of us sooner than others.

If you’re like me and have isolated for more than a month, you don’t want to throw that away by going to the office with others who didn’t to the same degree. Sure, I miss seeing co-workers, but I’ve invested time in keeping clear of COVID-19 and don’t want to compromise that now.

Whatever your situation, there are a few things you can do to prevent spreading your germs and protect against picking any up while in the office.

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COVID-19 has set off a global pandemic the likes of which most of us have never seen in our lifetime. Millions of people have been personally affected by illness or loss of work, or both, and the world economy has taken a massive hit to the tune of trillions of dollars in lost output.

Fortunately, the most important things we can do to respond are well underway – such as social distancing to fight the spread of the disease. As with other catastrophic events in human history, we will move past this.

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For millions of people right now, COVID-19 is a crisis that is changing all aspects of living: working remote, education from home, empty roads and closed businesses.

I recently surveyed several Point of Sale (POS) Value Added Resellers (VARS) and partners trying to understand how their businesses have been impacted. Almost 100% admitted their POS refresh and rollouts are completely stopped until further notice.

It’s no surprise that store owners are focused on how to keep doors open instead of considering store technology updates.

However, crisis can present opportunities, including new ways to use technology.

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Open For Business

By Robert Covington

These are unprecedented times we’re all experiencing. COVID-19 has affected every living soul around the world in varying degrees. Federal, state, and local governments in the United States are urging, and in many cases insisting that all non-essential businesses close and send their employees home.

With this said, there are many businesses that are essential. We still have to eat. Those that require prescription medication still need to get to a drugstore. Our cars still need repair. We still need the daily essentials of survival.

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