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Today’s college students have grown up in a technology age like no other. They expect technology to provide solutions for all aspects of their lives: social, family, hobbies, travel, entertainment, research, and education. And, these days, they expect their school to provide technology solutions that are easy and convenient to use.

Toshiba understands this and offers an end-to-end solution for student printing on college campuses. Our student print solution combines hardware, software, and professional services to provide a robust, easy-to-use system for a campus community. It’s all based on feedback we’ve gotten from super users: The students. Students want their university to consider the following criteria while making decisions regarding technology:

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Technology is constantly evolving. It’s been less than a decade since smartphones became widely popular, but for many, it’s hard to imagine living without one now.

Just as advancements in computer technology allow us the convenience of always carrying one with us, printer technology has also developed to help businesses work more efficiently, creating a quick return on investment.

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Last year we saw a precedent-setting 44 percent expansion of e-commerce in the United States. This rate far surpasses the 15.1 percent year-over-year increase in 2019 according to U.S. Department of Commerce data.

2020 put immense pressure on supply chain logistics, particularly on warehouse and distribution center operations. Extreme flexibility was necessary for accurate and efficient fulfillment and faster delivery times to address the dramatic uptick in orders. Better warehouse management boasts productivity while driving overall improvement and profitability.

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Considering Toshiba’s transparency with its employees, we’ve known for some time that our president and CEO Scott Maccabe would be retiring. But it feels like we blinked, and that day was upon us.

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Many businesses probably felt like someone pressed fast-forward on the workplace transformation when COVID-19 hit. Suddenly nearly everyone was working from home, and contrary to many pre-conceived notions about remote work, employee productivity seemed to rise.

It’s now predicted that by 2025, at-home workers will increase from pre-pandemic levels by 87%, and we’re already beginning to see that trend. Even as pandemic restrictions lift, companies are seeing benefits to continuing this flexible work schedule.

However, with pros often come some cons – or at least an adjustment period.

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