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Empower Your Business with Toshiba’s Output Management Solutions

Paul Hosey / June 18, 2024
Magnifying glass resting on analytical report.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, efficient document management is crucial for maintaining productivity and security. Toshiba’s Output Management solutions are designed to empower your business by providing comprehensive tools to track, measure, and monitor document output to print devices. Our solutions ensure secure practices that prevent unauthorized access to both devices and documents, helping you reduce wasteful printing, save costs, and support eco-friendly practices. 

Below are some of the most frequent challenges our clients face and how our solutions effectively address them.

Discover and reduce wasteful printing.
Challenge: Prints are always laying on my devices. 

One of the most common issues businesses face is excessive and wasteful printing. With Toshiba’s Output Management, you can easily identify and eliminate unnecessary printing and copying. Our tools allow you to: 

  • Track and monitor: Gain insights into your print environment and identify areas where you can cut down on waste. 
  • Secure release printing: Ensure that prints are only released when the user is present, reducing unclaimed prints and saving both costs and resources. 

Ensure efficient use and control of print devices.
Challenge: I don’t know how much printing costs? Who prints too much? Are we wasting paper? 

Understanding the cost of printing and managing print resources effectively can be challenging. Toshiba provides centralized visibility and management of your print devices, helping you make informed decisions: 

  • Automated reporting: Track and assign printing costs accurately. This feature helps you understand who is printing what, identify excessive printing, and implement green initiatives. 
  • Data-driven decisions: Use detailed reports to make informed decisions about your print environment and improve overall efficiency. 

Simplify printer connectivity and deployment.
Challenge: IT is so busy. It is difficult to connect to printers. I don’t have admin rights to a device. 

IT departments are often stretched thin, making it difficult to manage printer connectivity and user access. Toshiba’s Output Management solutions simplify this process: 

  • Automated deployment: Users can set up printers without needing special security privileges, reducing the burden on IT. 
  • Directory-based management: Easily manage user access and printer deployment as employees move, are hired, change locations, or leave. 

Print anytime, anywhere to any device.
Challenge: Our users move, are hired, change locations, and sometimes leave. How do I keep them in-sync or up to date? 

When employees are traveling, working from home, or are simply on-the-go without easy access to network printers, keeping everyone productive becomes difficult. Fortunately, Toshiba’s Output Management solutions can help address these issues with: 

  • Directory-based printing: With a directory-based output management solution, printing moves with the users and adjusts as changes occur. 
  • Simplified printing: Our cloud printing solution allows you to send print jobs directly to cloud-connected Toshiba and compatible MFPs, and then release when ready at the printer of your choice. 

Optimize print device usage.
Challenge: Prints are going to the most convenient device and not always the right one. 

Often, prints are sent to the most convenient device rather than the most efficient one, leading to higher costs and lower productivity. Toshiba’s rules-based output management system ensures that: 

  • Right prints to right devices: Print jobs are directed to the most appropriate devices based on predefined rules, optimizing costs, and improving productivity. 
  • Create a smarter printing culture: – Rules based printing can help shape the way people print responsibly and at peak performance.

Save money and the environment.
Toshiba’s eco-conscious practices help you save money while reducing your environmental footprint. By minimizing waste and optimizing resource usage, our solutions contribute to a more sustainable future. 

By implementing Toshiba’s output management solutions, your business can achieve greater efficiency, security, and sustainability in its printing practices. Empower your organization with the tools to make smarter, greener decisions and streamline your document management processes.