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Empower Work Anywhere with e-BRIDGE® Global Print

Manny Sahu / January 25, 2024
Woman working at a cafe.

With the evolution of modern work models, the need for productivity tools that adapt to various working scenarios is more crucial than ever.  Simple tasks like printing can present challenges when employees are on the move, working remotely, or lack easy access to network printers. Enter e-BRIDGE® Global Print, a solution that seamlessly integrates cloud printing capabilities with Toshiba e-STUDIOS and other compatible MFPs, offering a worry-free and productive printing experience with many benefits.

Submit Print Jobs to the Cloud

For true workplace flexibility, employees must be able to print from any location, whether it’s a home office, a client’s space, or a local coffee shop. e-BRIDGE® Global Print simplifies this process. By installing the Toshiba universal print driver, users can send print jobs from virtually anywhere and any network. Mobile users can also utilize the e-BRIDGE® Global Print app for iOS® or AndroidTM devices, making the printing process intuitive and efficient.

Authenticate with the Latest Security Standards

According to Quocirca’s 2023 Print Security Landscape report, 39% of responders share that keeping up with print security demands is becoming harder, rising to 50% in the midmarket (500–999 employees). e-BRIDGE® Global Print addresses this concern with industry-leading security features. Users can sign in using their Google WorkspaceTM or Microsoft 365® accounts, ensuring a seamless and secure printing experience. All documents are transmitted securely to and from the cloud, hosted by Microsoft® Azure® and Amazon Web ServicesTM (AWS). Moreover, users can choose from various authentication methods, such as a dedicated PIN or access card, ensuring that only authorized personnel can access sensitive print jobs.

Release Print Jobs on Demand

e-BRIDGE® Global Print empowers users with control over their print jobs. Once a job is submitted to the cloud, it can be printed on demand from any Toshiba or compatible MFP. This eliminates concerns about printouts being left unattended for others to see. With a simple sign-on from the MFP embedded application, users can release print jobs when they are ready to receive them, maintaining the security of sensitive documents and reducing waste from forgotten printouts.

Gain Insights into Print Trends and Devices

Understanding how your multifunction printers (MFPs) are utilized is crucial for effective management. e-BRIDGE® Global Print provides detailed MFP usage logs, offering insights into every print job, regardless of its origin. Administrators can generate reports based on this data, facilitating a better understanding of device usage and user productivity.

Increase Focus and Collaboration

While digital media has its advantages, there’s something about printed materials that enhances focus and engagement. With e-BRIDGE® Global Print, the ability to print from virtually anywhere enables employees to pick up meeting materials easily, fostering increased connection and collaboration. The result is a rise in productivity, as individuals can focus more effectively on tangible, printed materials.

Solutions like e-BRIDGE® Global Print bridge the gap between traditional tools and the demands of an anywhere and on-the-go workforce. By simplifying the printing process, enhancing security, and providing valuable insights, this tool is a valuable asset for organizations striving for productivity and efficiency in their day-to-day operations.