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Last-Minute Gift Ideas You Can Print!

By Robert Covington

The holiday season is upon us once again. Time to get those last-minute gifts. Yes, it can be a lot of work and don’t you wish you had a little helper?

Luckily, assistance comes in many forms – even from that Toshiba multi-function product down the hall. Time to let your creative juices flow. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

2020 Calendar – The new year is right around the corner. Who couldn’t use a colorful calendar to remind them of important dates? Every time they look at it, they’ll remember who gave them that useful gift, too.

Wrapping Paper – This is a really easy way to be creative. With a little effort, your holiday gifts can be wrapped in something unique. Simply do a search for free printable wrapping paper, save them to your PC, then follow instructions on how to print, and voila! You have wrapping paper with snowflakes, snowmen, holiday trees or whatever’s clever including using any photos from your phone for a truly personal touch.

Gift Labels – Okay, you’ve wrapped the present; now who’s it going to? Use your MFP to print custom gift labels. Your loved ones will appreciate the personal touch. You’ll find plenty of holiday examples in Microsoft Word templates.

Origami Ornaments – This one might be a little more challenging, but with risk comes reward. There’s plenty of instructions on the web detailing the folds to create everything from a box to a butterfly. Combine this with something pre-printed, and you’ve got yourself some stylish ornaments you won’t find in stores, that’s for sure. Here’s a link to get you started:

Holiday Banners – Toshiba’s unique AquaAce banner paper in its large 12” x 47” gives you a platform to spread holiday cheer that can be seen from across the room. Open your favorite publishing app and create a custom paper size equivalent to the size of your media and do your thing. The typical holiday graphical elements, be it candy canes or pine branches, make a nice border for a Happy Holidays message or maybe something a little more specific. You hold the creative keys. Our team has some favorites here: Winter Wonderland, Presents, and Decorations with Stars and Holly.

Greeting Cards – Show off the newest addition to the family since last year – whether it’s a baby or a puppy, or maybe your new car. Might as well get the whole family too, along with a warm greeting and best wishes for the new year. Hallmark is good, but you won’t find that card on the shelf at stores. Here’s a link to a template if you need a little help: No time to create a design or shop for a card? Here are four card designs you can print this holiday season.

Toys – Do a quick Google search and you’ll see that there are all kinds of things you can print, cut out and fold, and then you’ve got yourself a race car or a motorcycle along with the pride of knowing you built it yourself – and you won’t have a car payment either. Here’s a link to more toys than Santa’s elves could build in a year (some assembly required):

Coloring Books – After the kids have opened up their gifts and cast aside the dress shirts and socks, it won’t be long until they’re bored and wondering what to do. Grab some images to print and a box of crayons and turn them loose. You might discover some talents you didn’t know they had. Here are some great images to get you started.

Game Books – Ah, the holiday word search or the game where you circle all the mistakes in the picture. Remember these? You can find them on the web and print them. They can be holiday specific and really fun while everyone is sitting around waiting for dinner. Here’s a link to plenty:

These are just a few ideas. Those of you with a creative streak have probably used one or two of these already and can’t wait to spread the holiday cheer. And when everyone is admiring your fine work and asks how you did it, tell them help was just a click away.

Happy Holidays from your friends at Toshiba!

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