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Drive Efficiency in the Logistics Workflow

By Christian Davis

Improvements in logistics operations don’t always require new technologies and innovations. Oftentimes, optimization of existing logistics processes and document-driven workflows make possible many of the ecommerce benefits that consumers have now come to expect, such as affordable two-day shipping, simplified returns, and real-time order tracking.

Making efficiency a priority

In a recent survey to almost 4,000 CIOs, more than 65% of logistics companies confirmed increasing operational efficiencies as a top business priority in the coming year. In an industry under constant pressure to increase speed and reduce costs, it is critical that every change to process and workflow is meticulously evaluated end-to-end by an experienced leader in business process optimization. Any change to process or document workflow has an inherent risk that can set off a domino effect of added cost and friction to time-sensitive workflows if not overseen and carefully implemented.

At Toshiba, we understand that every business and its processes are unique, so it is our mission to provide our customers with products, solutions, and services that are tailored to their specific needs to reduce costs and unlock better efficiencies. We help optimize workflows across departments so that you can focus on your core business competencies. Our teams are made up of highly experienced, data-obsessed, Six-Sigma certified business process experts with a mission to unlock efficiencies in even the most complex workflows.

Toshiba can help

With decades of experience optimizing workflows across logistics departments, whether it be warehouse picking & sorting, invoice processing, or even employee onboarding, Toshiba has the knowledge, expertise, and a best-in-class portfolio of battle-tested products, solutions, and services.

Are you ready to unlock new efficiencies into your logistics workflows? We invite you to contact us, to kick off a free, in-depth business process analysis. Learn how Toshiba can reduce your costs and unlock new speeds into your logistics workflows.

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