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Drowning in Paper? Rescue Your Business with Toshiba Document Solutions

By Joe Contreras

We are living in the midst of a digital revolution. However, inefficiencies and archaic paper pile-ups are still major roadblocks in today’s business world. Offices are drowning in a sea of paper, too enamored in the day-to-day of their business to be aware of modern document capture and automated workflow solutions.

With Toshiba’s document solutions, companies are no longer bogged down by tedious and manual tasks that eat up the time of your workforce. From large enterprise to small business, Toshiba experts will tailor a solution specific to the needs of your business.

Here are some of the reasons why integrating document solutions from Toshiba are a smart decision for your business.

  • Simplified, Smarter Workflows. Automate manual processes by capturing and converting documents of all types to searchable, digital formats. Toshiba’s portfolio of document solutions offers best-in-class software to intelligently capture the contents of documents and route into sophisticated workflow processes.
  • Personalized Solutions. Toshiba takes document capture a step further by personalizing solutions for businesses and creating customized workflow processes to save time. With Toshiba’s solutions, you can cut through the chaos and get the exact information you need right in front of you from within your business software applications. Industry-specific solutions provide additional customization for healthcare, education, legal offices, and other industries.
  • Time-Saving Options with Endless Possibilities. Stop losing valuable employee hours sorting, storing, and searching for documents. With Toshiba’s document capture solutions, there’s no more retyping of old documents or hours spent recreating lost documents. Toshiba solutions are accurate, efficient, and secure. Ensuring your employees now have the time to focus on core business activities.
  • Integrated Hardware Solutions. Toshiba’s award-winning MFPs are designed for seamless integration with document capture software to make digital document capture and conversion as effortless as possible. The Toshiba e-BRIDGE platform, included in most Toshiba MFPs, provides an on-ramp for document scanning, OCR, format conversion, and automatic document routing. It’s all possible with the touch of a single button. Toshiba MFPs offer additional time-saving features, including batch scanning with barcode separation, page splitting, blank page removal, job preview, and automatic page orientation, to make document capture more efficient.

By freeing businesses from the strangling grip of paper-based processes, Toshiba is putting the power of organized, efficient workflows in your hands. With document solutions from Toshiba, your business can streamline office workflows like never before.

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