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How Digital Signage Can Benefit your Business

By Maegan Lujan

How Digital Signage Can Benefit your Business

The digital signage market is booming, and it’s changing the way content is delivered and received. Toshiba’s digital signage experts believe that incorporating digital signage into your day-to-day business operations provide many benefits.

Here are a few of the ways that digital signage can benefit your business right now, and for years to come.

Boost Awareness. Digital signage provides a modern twist on information distribution by using attention-grabbing displays to captivate users and heighten intrigue and awareness. Raising awareness is easier when you do it in a way that captures attention with engaging visuals and sounds. Some organizations use digital signage to distribute corporate news to all their offices worldwide–ensuring all employees are aware of important company updates, while also streaming local weather and news to promote a broader sense of community awareness. Many hospitals and universities use digital signage as a way to show users where to go and how to get there with step-by-step directions. It’s all about improving experiences and capturing attention. And with digital signage, it’s never been easier.

Engage with Interactivity. Take customers from passive to active with engaging and easy-to-use interactive experiences. Whether you need to inform, educate, or guide your users, Toshiba makes it easy with an array of digital signage solutions that are both impactful and cost effective. For example, Virtuoso, a digital signage solution, developed for high-use environments, such as retail, travel, stadiums, healthcare, and education. Or, get a highly interactive and informative experience with UpSell, which allows customers to engage with your products without the need for a sales associate. By layering digital content with the physical environment, UpSell makes research and purchasing more cohesive as well as more user friendly. This craving for interactive content isn’t going anywhere. Start capitalizing on it today with digital signage, and get people talking about your business and your brand.

Improve Flexibility and Responsiveness. Need to update the menu board in your restaurant before happy hour starts? No problem. How about all your restaurants across the country? Done. Digital displays provide unparalleled flexibility and unmatched responsiveness compared to printed signage and other delivery channels. With digital signage, you control your content and how often it is updated. It’s easy to keep your digital signage up to date and relevant with Toshiba’s Experience Manager. This cloud-based, content management solution provides the tools you need to effortlessly manage your digital signage content, whether on a single display or across an entire network of displays. With the power to update your message and display at the touch of a button and the flexibility to schedule changes, you can rest assured that you’ll always deliver targeted and accurate content on time.

At Toshiba, our Ellumina Digital Signage Services team provides fully managed digital signage and content solutions to help you deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time and for the right price. We make it easy by providing all the tools, setup, and support to maximize your digital signage investment. It’s time for your business to deliver engaging, interactive customer experiences. It’s time to start benefiting from digital signage. Let Toshiba help make it a reality.

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