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Enhance Your Reality

By Joe Contreras

Augmented Reality Enhanced Photo

Want to take a selfie with your favorite celebrity sports player or music artist the next time you see them in action? Or how about juggling a virtual soccer ball while walking from the parking lot to stadium? With augmented reality (AR) this idea isn’t entirely farfetched.

AR is a technology, which enhances – or augments – your surroundings by overlaying digital information over your physical location. The wonder begins when launching an AR app on your smart device.

Though the ball in the soccer app is naturally virtual, you still have the opportunity to use your feet while imitating one of Messi, Ronaldo or Neymar’s signature moves when dribbling down the pitch to put your team out in front.

For many of us here in Southern California – including me – a photo with LA Clipper superstar, Blake Griffin or LA Kings’ all-world goaltender, Jonathan Quick would be a nice keepsake after an evening at STAPLES Center. By launching an AR app on your phone to create a virtual likeness of the LA sports celebrities appearing by your side, this is now possible.

AR may also enlighten your stay in any given city. If visiting the Coliseum in Rome, an AR app could serve as a tour guide by providing such insight as why Emperor Vespasian decided to build the largest amphitheater ever constructed and even a narrative on how and why the Roman Empire fell. For visitors of Nashville, a similar app could alert travelers about area bars where many of today’s hottest country artists were discovered while highlighting when the future wave of the genre’s musicians are playing on any given night.

For venue operators across the business spectrum seeking to boost business, an AR app may be the kind of game changing technology they need.   As you may surmise, the potential of AR is limited to what the mind can imagine. If you are seeking to punch up your marketing and sales efforts by creating an AR app, we would welcome the opportunity to visit.

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