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Creating a More Sustainable Workplace

By Bill Melo

Go green concept, recycle keyboard key.

Though the celebration of Earth Day 2015 has come and gone, the intent behind this day’s origination 45 years ago has clearly resonated throughout the world. This year alone, more the two billion individual “Acts of Green” were accomplished globally – according to Earth Day Network, the organization that spawned from the original Earth Day.

While many environmentalists may not first envision a traditional office as a “green zone,” there are many steps businesses may take to create a more sustainable workplace. Think of all of the unnecessary printers or the copier that while still producing at a high-level, may not be doing so in a very ecological manner.

As most of us are trying to do our share to function in a more eco-friendly fashion, the business case must be apparent for CFOs and CEOs (especially those running public companies) and it should be quantifiable.

With the use of our industry-acclaimed Encompass managed print services (MPS) program – which has recently been updated – Toshiba service consultants calculate the current cost and energy efficiency of a client’s existing print fleet. For those desiring definitive information on their environment footprint, our MPS experts will also create a Green Report. This popular report equips customers with a clear understanding about their annual paper usage by documenting – in a visually-appealing infographic way – the number of sheets, pounds of paper and trees used by our client.

By accurately plotting a company’s every print device on a floor plan, Encompass also measures the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the devices. Aside from providing the TCO and eco analysis of current devices, Encompass is capable of recommending a completely optimized print environment, which improves productivity, energy efficiency and ultimately, a company’s ROI.

If you are seeking to create a more eco workplace at your business – while saving money – reach out to one of our MPS service consultants today.

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