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Cloud services are so pervasive these days that we use them without noticing. Streaming music, movies, or TV? You’re in the cloud. Backing up your photos on your phone? The cloud. Using online spreadsheets or word processing software? Cloud. Streaming video games? And so on.

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It’s been over a year now that we’ve been managing our lives and our businesses with this pandemic. What we thought would be a “painful two weeks” is looking like possibly two years, or maybe more. Who knows?

It’s forced many of us to make some drastic changes, especially in businesses where the typical model was employees go to work – in an office – and share resources, like the office MFP.

Luckily businesses and people have learned to adapt. While changes have been significant to say the least, life goes on and fortunately for many, so does business. It’s just not business as usual.

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By Mark McDowell

Here’s a story I was told the other day.

I’m on my way into a meeting, juggling my puny cat mug and note pad. All I need to do is grab the document from the office MFP on the way in and I’m set for my Monday morning presentation. Instead, I find there’s a paper jam and what I needed did not print.

Unfortunately, this expletive-inducing scenario probably sounds all too familiar for many people (perhaps minus the cat mug).

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Gone are the days of a large copy room with just one person in charge.

Whether through school, work or the local print shop it’s likely just about everyone’s had the opportunity to push the green button that activates a multifunctional device to scan, print or copy.

That’s the easy part. But, what happens if something’s awry? Like an error code, empty paper drawer, hidden paper jam, or no power.

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Did you know more than 80% of bacteria in fingerprints end up on touchscreens?

Before the pandemic we used shared and public touchscreens frequently without thinking twice. Whether it was a self-checkout at a grocery store, an ATM or even a multifunction printer (MFP), we thought very little about the risk of germs when touching screens we use daily.

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