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It’s no secret that Gen Z and Millennials are the first generations to primarily grow up in a digitally dependent world, and that’s caused a shift in how they communicate compared to previous generations.

With Millennials now re-entering campuses as faculty members, and Gen Z heading off to college, it only makes sense for higher education to shift to digital communication experiences.

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It’s no secret that schools face many challenges, and in a continuously evolving world of technology it can be hard to keep up with these challenges. From increasingly tight budgets to security measures there is much to be carefully considered.

We could sit here and list all the ways we think Toshiba helps schools with these challenges. Instead, we thought it best to share a client perspective from a chief information officer at a school district that uses Toshiba devices.

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**Editor’s Note**

Toshiba has a long-standing history of providing copier solutions and service to school districts across the country.

This support goes much deeper than just enabling teachers to print out handwriting or math worksheets for their next lesson (of course that’s important too!). We did our homework and learned there were many additional ways we could help alleviate serious challenges schools face.

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Agriculture is the number one industry in South Dakota. So, in 2016 when Toshiba’s toner plant in Mitchell, SD turned 30, employees decided to celebrate agronomically.

“Because pollinating insects, such as monarch butterflies and bees, are considered endangered species, we decided to focus on a biodiversity project,” said Teresa Sternhagen, General Manager at ‎Toshiba Toner Products Division. “We had the perfect spot behind the plant for a pollinator plot.”

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Customizing Your MFP

By Robert Covington

Toshiba’s newest Office Collection Multifunction products (MFPs) are not just the most productive ever produced, but they’re actually fun too.

I know what you’re saying “Fun? Really Robert? I think you’ve inhaled too much toner.” But yes, they really are fun, in much the same way playing with your cellphone is fun.

You can customize the background image, add apps to improve productivity, and even set defaults to suit your preferences. There are countless ways to make it work just for you. Let’s take a few minutes and explore some of the easy customizations you can use to make your MFP work for you in ways you’ve probably never imagined.

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