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COVID-19 has essentially changed the way Americans work today.

Social distancing will remain in everyone’s mind even after the immediate crisis is over.

With many employees now required to work remotely, organizations are struggling to keep their teams productive and efficient.

Hence, technology is even more relevant today than it was before. Cloud and mobility solutions are no longer a convenience, but a requirement to keep a productive workflow.

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I always thought the idea of working from home was ideal. Turns out the option to work from home is great but being required to comes with many challenges.

By losing the workplace environment, it’s easy to lose the structure and discipline it demanded. Here are some tips that help me stay focus and productive:

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To everyone who is working remotely for the first time:

I know the challenges you are facing.

For more than a decade I’ve been a remote worker – from home, from airplanes, from hotel rooms all over the globe, encountering my share of missteps along the way.

Thankfully, with some of the recommendations below – I’ve learned to be productive no matter the location, time zone, team structure, or company. While it’s a personal experience to find out what works best individually, here a few of my own lessons in the hopes it helps with your transition.

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Our moms warned us germs were everywhere, and on everything we touched. Toilet seats, door handles, plane tray tables.

If it didn’t sink in before, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly has driven home the point. Now we even think about touching money, our cell phones and gas pump handles.

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Whether you have a restaurant or a hotel, Toshiba multifunction printers (MFPs) deliver a five-star experience for the hospitality industry.

For a restaurant, menus are the most important communication vehicle you have. You need to clearly communicate your offerings and even set the tone for the meal, so it’s important to create a menu that stands out. Toshiba MFPs produce high-quality images that will make your dishes look so appetizing you could almost taste them.

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