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It’s likely at some point in your life a doctor’s visit was followed by a trip to the pharmacy to fill a prescription. But have you considered the little label identifying what’s inside the amber bottle, directing how much to take and when? Or how the medical supplies arrived at your doctor’s office?

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So we learned in the last blog why cloud, at a high-level is finally possible, why it’s really compelling, and why it’s becoming a necessity for business success. But did you know that even that multi-function printer in your office is a cloud-enabled device?

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Why Cloud and Why Now?

By Kerstin Woods

I’ve been in the cloud business long before cloud was cool. As employee number 24 at a hyper-growth Storage Service Provider (SSP) startup back in the ’90s, our dream was to deliver data to businesses, just like electricity. Read More

Today’s college students have grown up in a technology age like no other. They expect technology to provide solutions for all aspects of their lives: social, family, hobbies, travel, entertainment, research, and education. And, these days, they expect their school to provide technology solutions that are easy and convenient to use.

Toshiba understands this and offers an end-to-end solution for student printing on college campuses. Our student print solution combines hardware, software, and professional services to provide a robust, easy-to-use system for a campus community. It’s all based on feedback we’ve gotten from super users: The students. Students want their university to consider the following criteria while making decisions regarding technology:

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Technology is constantly evolving. It’s been less than a decade since smartphones became widely popular, but for many, it’s hard to imagine living without one now.

Just as advancements in computer technology allow us the convenience of always carrying one with us, printer technology has also developed to help businesses work more efficiently, creating a quick return on investment.

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