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Case Study

Empowering the Art of the Playbook

February 27, 2023

Privacy and security for businesses are increasingly under assault. Toshiba helps businesses protect their work with advanced features that ensure company secrets don’t end up in the wrong hands. For the Bills, we help protect scanned documents with password protection using SecurePDF, insuring their best plays are kept under wraps until game day.

Toshiba provides consultation and a secure onsite printing solution that helps keep our information safe and secure among our coaching staff.
Dan Evans, CP of Information Technology

The Buffalo Bills use Toshiba products and services to organize, secure and share play sheets, stats and all the other information that makes those freezing fall Sundays so special.

Toshiba’s secure MFPs have been drafted into service to create an impenetrable defense for the Buffalo Bills best kept secrets – their playbook.

The Buffalo Bills have always been known as a hard-working, no nonsense team with some of the toughest, most dedicated fans on the planet. The kind of fans you do not want to disappoint.

So, when it comes to the Bills best guarded secret – their playbook – they choose Toshiba as their preferred partner. Inside the Bills coaching staff headquarters, the playbooks are created, printed and distributed securely on Toshiba MFPs. Our on-site technician works closely with the Bills IT staff to set security levels, determine who has access to certain documents and even put restrictions on who can print what.

Then, every Sunday, our technical staff is onsite to create critical documents during the game (stats sheets, game photos, etc.) for the coaching staff, ensuring they have real-time information about their opponent’s and can make adjustments to their game plan on the fly.

The result is an impenetrable back office defense that no other team can breach. This way, when it comes time for Sunday, the Bills keep their playbook secure and their fans happy.

Secure print protocols to maintain playbook secrets
Vibrant color prints to engage fans