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Why Toshiba Managed Print as a Service Is Essential for Every Business

Toshiba / December 7, 2023
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While decades ago the “paperless office” was predicted, printed documents remain a significant element of daily workflows at most companies. Contrary to recent expectations, office printing volumes are not experiencing the sharp decline that was expected — in fact, certain vertical markets are witnessing an increase.

Given our continued reliance on printers in business processes, the popularity of outsourcing print fleet management comes as no surprise. Toshiba is an industry leader when it comes to Managed Print as a Service benefiting businesses of all sizes and industries, in the following ways:

Improved Efficiency with Toshiba’s Expert Assessment

Your workflows may be suffering from the inefficiencies of devices ill-suited for your workload. Toshiba’s MPaaS conducts a comprehensive assessment of your print fleet and business processes, identifying weak links. This allows for the replacement of inadequate devices with the right ones and strategic distribution throughout your workplace.

Lower Costs through Toshiba’s Print Fleet Optimization

By consolidating printers and eliminating obsolete, inefficient, or unreliable devices, Toshiba’s MPaaS enables your company to streamline its print fleet, resulting in cost savings. Combine this with reduced print volumes and predictable monthly billing, and Toshiba’s MPaaS gives you control over your printing costs.

Reduced Downtime with Toshiba’s Professional Management

Your employees aren’t trained service technicians, so maintaining printers may not be their expertise. When you partner with Toshiba, our team of professionals ensures proactive monitoring, preventative maintenance, and auto-supply replenishment, preventing unexpected downtimes and keeping your workflows seamless.

Enhanced Security through Toshiba’s Comprehensive Program

Protecting confidential data is paramount for businesses in all industries. Toshiba’s MPaaS helps safeguard sensitive information through regular firmware updates, encryption, and features like pull or follow-me printing. Additionally, it addresses the often-overlooked vulnerability of networked printers by wiping printer hard drives at the end of leases.

Increased Sustainability with Toshiba’s Eco-Friendly Practices

Corporate stewardship is a priority for many businesses, and Toshiba’s MPaaS supports greening the workplace through sustainable printing practices with our partner Printreleaf. This solution provides a carbon neutral strategy that can help offset unavoidable emissions. Rules-based printing further reduces overall print volumes, and outdated, energy-inefficient devices can be replaced with eco-friendly models and even contribute to reforestation projects.

If your business has yet to embrace the advantages offered by Toshiba’s Managed Print as a Service, reach out to us today about how we can assess your print environment. Experience the transformative impact of Toshiba’s solutions on your efficiency, cost control, downtime prevention, security enhancement, and sustainability initiatives.