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Why MPaaS Is a Critical Component of Risk Management

Toshiba / February 16, 2023
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Every business has a responsibility to manage risk for the company, especially when it comes to print security. Whether you process receipts, print confidential reports or manage hipaa-protected records in healthcare environments, Managed Print as a Service (MPaaS) is an essential part of a healthy risk management strategy.

Here are a few reasons why Toshiba’s Encompass Managed Print As A Service should be considered when developing your business’ risk management plan.

Workflow Integration

With Toshiba’s MPaaS, you’ll be provided with tools to seamlessly integrate documents into your existing workflows, improving both security and efficiency. Sensitive incoming documents can be digitally captured with a scanner and then shredded at the same workstation, all while your financial team can print checks from a secure location.

Our experts will help you find print infrastructure that no longer serves you and eliminate it, or replace it with better solutions. You can also count on us to streamline all your printing processes from start to finish. Our solutions can create immediate and long-term cost savings of more than 50%.

Through our Encompass Managed Print as a Service program, you can enable rules-based printing to achieve predetermined cost-savings parameters and redirect jobs to lower cost devices. Our full suite includes:

-Multifunction Printers
-Label and Receipt Printers
-Digital Signage
-Software Solutions

All designed to help with document workflow and capture, enterprise management, cost accounting, and more, Toshiba is primed to tackle your costs and reduce the complexity of running your business.

Information Security

End the risky process of sending important files to external print shops by printing everything in-house—the only people who will have access to your data are your own employees. From financial paperwork and human resource files, to customer addresses and confidential business plans, you’ll keep control of your sensitive data.

Toshiba can help safeguard your organization with our complete security assessment designed to identify vulnerabilities in your print environment in four key areas: device security, access security, document security, and fleet security. We will help you mitigate those vulnerabilities and outline a strategy to shore up your valuable business, customer, and partner data. Toshiba can even update your firmware and troubleshoot common device issues without ever setting foot in your home or office.

Data Encryption

Ensure that your data remains secure through encryption–encoding your information so that unauthorized parties are unable to read it. Print jobs will be sent across your network using encrypted data, and hard drives on the printers themselves can be encrypted as well. Copies of recent print jobs won’t be left as sitting ducks for data theft; instead, MPaaS makes sure they are automatically scrubbed from a printer’s short-term memory.

Usage Oversight

Our MPaaS usage data enables you to identify suspicious print behavior and keep an audit trail of print jobs. You’ll be able to see who printed what, when, and on which device. You can even designate print limits for individual users or departments. Through real-time monitoring of your print fleet, our solution can provide outstanding control and visibility of your print environment.

Human Error

People are your greatest asset—and, paradoxically, one of your biggest liabilities. However, a Managed Print as a Service solution will make sure documents go to the right printer every time with ease. And with Toshiba’s E-Bridge® Global Print employees can stay productive when working from home or simply on the go by making it easy to send print jobs from anywhere and securely release them at cloud-connected Toshiba MFPs, when ready.

BONUS: Reduce Environmental Impact – In worldwide surveys, the next generation of consumers has cited climate change as the most important challenge the world must combat, and they will most certainly choose to do business with organizations that echo their values. Whether there’s pressure from stockholders to beef up your eco-credentials, or your organization has stated eco-goals that your customers expect you to live up to, or you’re simply concerned about your environmental footprint, there are lots of ways to move in a more sustainable direction.

Toshiba’s Encompass Green Report measures electrical consumption, paper waste, and cartridges consumed – all things that when minimized, save dollars, and reduce environmental impact. Additionally, our EcoSmart programs can help you achieve sustainability goals by offsetting the impact of your printing practices through reforestation, recycling of spent consumables, and reducing electronic waste.

Risk management is not optional for businesses of any size. Fortunately, Toshiba’s Managed Print as a Service can provide valuable security tools for your company. From data encryption to cloud printing, our Managed Print as a Service solution is a critical component of risk management. Call or contact us today for an assessment and put MPaaS to work for you.