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Toshiba’s First Digital Connected Copier

Robert Covington / October 20, 2022
Toshiba User Interface

It’s no secret the Toshiba E-STUDIO6525AC features a lot of advancements from previous models. Once you go beyond the physical attributes (speeds and feeds), you get to the digital capabilities.

By this I mean the features that are only possible because the MFP uses digital technology. This is where things get fun. The e-STUDIO6525AC front panel uses Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology. Toshiba has an app that uses VNC to enable access and control of the front panel on your mobile device. Of course, you can print from your mobile device too and with the Toshiba e-BRIDGE Print and Capture app, you can even scan back to your phone.

We mentioned scanning in my previous blog entry. The e-STUDIO6525AC features built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This feature will let you scan originals to create searchable PDFs or even editable Microsoft Office formats.  It really unlocks the scanning possibilities, making it useful for almost any user.


The large 10.1” front panel on the e‑STUDIO6525AC is infinitely customizable. Upload your own background images if you want. You can even customize the buttons with your own images, plus create your own buttons or templates that carry out a sequence of steps. Think of it as job memory taken to the next level.

Now with voice guidance, the e-STUDIO6525AC can even talk to you. Sight-impaired users will appreciate the MFP being able to audibly affirm a user’s selections. It does require adding a USB speaker used in conjunction with the voice guidance app.

We haven’t even touched on the internet and the cloud yet, but the e-STUDIO6525AC wholeheartedly embrace them. Utilizing web technology, the e-STUDIO6525AC can be completely managed remotely. In fact, a whole fleet can be managed remotely utilizing e-BRIDGE Cloud Connect, ensuring all are running as they should.

The e-BRIDGE Remote Diagnostics Tool can help you look at your e-STUDIO6525AC against the total installed base and using predictive analytics can anticipate service needs before a problem even occurs based on historical trends. A service technician may theoretically perform anticipatory service.

And if support is needed it doesn’t necessarily mean a technician needs to visit. With e-BRIDGE Remote Assist, they can (with your permission), remotely operate the front panel and adjust any settings that in former times would have meant an onsite service call.

We haven’t talked about security yet. Frankly with analog copiers security was not an issue because the copier didn’t store anything. But with the first digitally connected copier came the first security risk. Not only does the MFP store sensitive user data and documents, but it’s also connected to the network and potentially the world. The e-STUDIO6525AC rest assured, employs among the strongest security technology invented to date.

The e-STUDIO6525AC features encryption on all data. It also includes anti-malware to prevent any malicious intrusions. The latest security approach is Trusted Platform Module (TPM), now at version 2.0. This uses separate hardware to handle the encryption above and beyond any built onto the solid-state drive. There’s also a hard drive option that meets the federal information processing standard (fips 140-2) and when configured in high security mode, meets the Hard Copy Device – Protection Profile (HCD-PP); the government approved standard for devices used in national security systems.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this introduction of Toshiba’s first digital connected copier. It’s exciting to have been a part of the evolution of this technology and see where we’ve come with the new e-STUDIO6525AC.