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Tips to Improve Printer and Copier Security

Toshiba / November 16, 2022
Toshiba Copier Security

As we approach the holiday season hacking attacks will be on the rise. Cybercriminals look for any way to gain access to company networks and steal sensitive data.

Vulnerable targets include Wi-Fi networks, computers, copiers, and printers. According to an article in Forbes, nearly one millions printers are at risk of cyberattacks, and yours could be among them.

From products to processes to people, we’re the experts when it comes to security for your devices and documents. This season consider these tips to toughen up your printer and copier security:

Change the default password: If you are using a Toshiba branded device – we already have changed your default passwords to something more secure. If default passwords are not changed, hackers can easily look to your copiers and printers to access private networks. If you are using a non-branded Toshiba device, make sure it is not using a default password.

Authenticate users: Require employees to enter a username and PIN or password when using your equipment and remind them never to share this information with anyone. Enable the automatic logout feature on your printers and copiers so if someone forgets to log out, the machines will automatically require authorization for the next user. Also consider using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and adding card readers to control access to your MFPs taking advantage of employee building access cards that may already be in use by your organization

Treat your multifunction printer as if it were a PC: Just as you wouldn’t leave your computer unprotected, you shouldn’t neglect printer and copier security. Give them the same high level of protection.

Encrypt the hard drive: Multifunction printers store data on their hard drives after every use. If yours is lost, stolen, or improperly discarded, anything saved on the drive can be quickly recovered by bad actors. Most MFPs with a hard disk drive either have encryption enabled as a security feature already or sold as an extra option. Determine which option is listed in your device agreement – and if it is not enabled make plans to do so!

Regularly update printer firmware: Printers and copiers periodically require software updates that contain improvements and new features. Not keeping your software up to date leaves your devices vulnerable and open to attack.

Organize third-party testing: Arrange for a third-party vendor to rigorously test your printer network to identify flaws, security risks, and weaknesses.

Businesses that take the time to bolster their security significantly reduce opportunities for cybercriminals to attack. Are you ready to take your organization’s printer and copier security to the next level? contact us for more information. Our experts will be happy to help you.