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Tips From Toshiba Technicians

Ken Hiteman / March 11, 2021
Toshiba Technician

Gone are the days of a large copy room with just one person in charge.

Whether through school, work or the local print shop it’s likely just about everyone’s had the opportunity to push the green button that activates a multifunctional device to scan, print or copy.

That’s the easy part. But, what happens if something’s awry? Like an error code, empty paper drawer, hidden paper jam, or no power.

Do you slink away, pretending you didn’t notice, hoping someone else will fix it?

Toshiba’s service technicians recognize there is a lot to know about operating an MFP, and provided a few key tips anyone can implement to avoid damaging the device and a frustrating situation.

You’ve Got The Power

It’s unlikely your MFP installation involved a team-wide demo of how to power it on and off. Even someone who was shown how to properly do so may not need to for quite some time, causing them to forget precisely how it’s done.

“I received a call from a customer that the machine was dead with no lights on the display,” said Toshiba Regional Service Manager Rick Johnston. “Upon arrival I turned the machine on and the customer immediately asked, ‘How did you fix it so fast?’ I told them I just turned it on. The customer had never turned it off in the past and did not know about the power switch on the side of the machine.”

Companies also see turnover, which could mean the person who understood how to power on and off the device properly gave their two weeks and never thought to pass that proverbial torch to the next MFP overseer.

Powering down a copier may seem like common sense that anyone should be able to figure out but done incorrectly it could cause other issues that interfere with how it will function once you restore power.

“When shutting off the copier, all models, use the soft power button on keypad before shutting the main switch off,” said Toshiba Regional Vice President of Service Mark McDowell. “This will prevent the HDD from corrupting and most likely need to be replaced and all that goes with it ie: reload firmware, reconfigure network etc.”

Listen to Your Device

Think of your MFP like the human body. Often there are signals letting us know that something needs to be checked on, whether it’s swelling, pain, or a visible mark. Toshiba devices are set up in a similar way to let you know what needs attention.

Consider this advice from Toshiba service technicians to recognize and navigate these symptoms:

Tip 1: Look for Error Messages. The copier control panel is programmed to always communicate issues. Take a few extra seconds before and after using the copier to insure there are no messages appearing. Not all are error messages. Some may communicate low toner or waste toner full, which may be helpful.

Tip 2:  Pay Attention to All Messages on the Machine. If you do see an error message, take time to read it and understand what the machine is reporting. Be aware that some are just maintenance codes indicating it’s time to service the device. If that is the case, it is usually OK to continue using the device until it is serviced. Other codes will alert actual problems that need to be corrected immediately.  In the case of a paper jam the user should be able to remove it and return the machine to operational status.

If you do see an error message, take time to read it and understand what the machine is reporting” you may want to refer to the Hardware Troubleshooting Guide provided for your device for additional information. This manual shows the different messages and symbols that are displayed and gives you guidance on what to do when a particular message or symbol is displayed. 

Tip 3: Try Resetting the Machine. Yes, some error codes are created by environmental conditions erroneously. Reset the MFP by manually powering off, then unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds to let it rest. Then plug it back in and turn the power on using the main power switch. If this procedure resets the code, continue to use the machine. If not, proceed to Tip 4.

Tip 4: Call us with the Error Code. We are here to help you! Write down the error code that is appearing on the monitor screen and call the number on your copier for your local service team. Report the Equipment Serial Number or ID code, the error code, and what steps have been taken to resolve the issue. Providing the proper error codes ensure our technicians have the needed parts or supplies when they visit your office.

Or visit the support portal on our website.

I’ve saved the most important tip for last: Don’t be a hero! If you’re unsure on how to fix your MFP, call a Toshiba service professional. Attempting to fix it blindly could cause more problems, and who has time for that?