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The Retailer’s Pursuit Towards a Better Customer Experience

Maegan Lujan / January 31, 2020

As expectations for a positive customer experience rise and directly impact revenue and profit, the internal challenges for bars, restaurants and hotels increase too.

The stats are clear:

• A one-star increase on Yelp correlates to a 5-9% increase in revenue.

• After just ONE negative experience, more than 50% of people will never go back to business.

• 38% of all customer complaints are on social media and review sites.

This makes the pursuit of a positive customer experience critical. However, because the hospitality industry is often filled with new, under-experienced staff in an often chaotic work environment, this can be a difficult undertaking.

Employee Turnover and Limitations
Many teens get their start in the hospitality industry (1.7M teens – or ⅓ of the teenage workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics) where they often receive minimal on-the-job training. These are part-time jobs, not careers, so the turnover rate can quickly hit 75%, which is why it’s difficult for much of the hospitality sector to establish continuity and maintain a high level of service.

Demanding Environment
Limited counter space for registers, spills and breaks near receipt printers and equipment that takes a beating in fast-paced environments are all reasons that hospitality businesses spend a significant amount of money on repairs and maintenance.

Not only is the cost of repairs and maintenance high in this industry, but they also slow hospitality businesses down and can have a direct, negative impact on the customer experience and cause loss of revenue.

Toshiba Gets It
Toshiba understands these unique needs in the hospitality industry and has a long history working with hospitality and retail companies around the globe. We provide a portfolio of products that are purpose-built to thrive in the most demanding environments, including restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions within the hospitality industry.

We’ve taken the time to create solutions that improve your customer experience, plus increase your revenue and your lower costs — so your company can focus on exceptional service with fewer hiccups.

Our products are designed to provide your customers and staff with the frictionless experience they crave and give your business the edge it needs to stand out from the competition and bring in those 5-star rave reviews!

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