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The Power of Personalization

Toshiba / September 28, 2022
Toshiba's Personalized User Interface

We live in an age were personalization and customization are king. Smart devices make streamlining tasks easier than ever before – shouldn’t your printer be able to do the same?

Fortunately there is Elevate, a personalized user interface embedded within the control panel of a Toshiba MFP.  This solution is designed with you and your business in mind, empowering users with efficiency, by simplifying common and complicated tasks in the push of a button.

Elevate’s background splash screen can depict an image of your choosing, such as an image of your product line or of something more focused for the department in which the printer resides.  There is also a space for your company logo and a tag line or company motto!

But Elevate’s real power lies in its elegant user interface that will streamline your document workflow and improve overall organizational efficiency.

Imagine a multifunction printer tailored for the way your business operates, empowering you to run your business more efficiently. Elevate allows you to do just that, automating multiple steps of common tasks into a single touch operation. It also surfaces many powerful features that user may tend to overlook and brings those to the forefront.

No more digging through confusing menus searching for complicated functions. Users can easily access automated custom one-touch functions and newly discovered features quickly and easily. Need to scan to an automated workflow or copy an odd-sized, mixed-original job, the Elevate UI can be customized to make these complicated tasks as simple as the touch of a button. Elevate also helps increase document security by simplifying the process of protecting printed and scanned documents.

Benefits of Elevate:

  • Personalization: Every business, department, and individual are different, and has specific needs. From branding to workflows Elevate customizes the MFP experience to meet your unique demands.
  • Branding: With Elevate we can feature your company logo, a tagline, and a background image on the MFP’s control panel, further enhancing a uniquely custom experience for you.
  • Efficiency: The MFP can be complex and sophisticated machine. Even the simplest of tasks can be overwhelming and challenging to the user. Elevate provides a more user friendly experience that streamlines processes into 1 touch features.

Whatever your industry, whatever your workflow, Elevate enables you to raise your expectations. Its personalization features and ease of use of an Elevate enabled MFP will yield immediate improvements with your organization’s imaging functions. Contact us today to get started!