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The Positive Power of Paper

Kerstin Woods / September 12, 2022
Print button on keyboard

If you’ve read any of my prior blogs, it comes as no surprise that I love printed materials — they make me personally much more focused and productive as opposed to viewing on a digital device.

I truly engage and absorb information differently when it’s printed for me to review and when I can physically write on it. And, as we saw in the print user survey Toshiba conducted, more than 70% of you agree with me.

What’s even more interesting, is that there is a positive psychological benefit that comes from interacting with printed materials. According to a recent study published by the Harvard Business Review, we actually make more virtuous choices for ourselves when selecting on printed materials.

Respondents in this survey stated the choices felt more real and authentic when made on printed materials versus on a device, which ultimately impacted their selection to be more virtuous. We desire to view ourselves in our best light, and printed materials help us achieve this.

“To Encourage Virtuous Decision-Making, Consider Using Paper”
Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review noted a few key use cases where leveraging printed materials could make a positive impact, for example:

• If you are a church, non-profit or school looking for donations or volunteers, print out the request for greater results

• If you are a school seeking better student participation in educational options, print out the forms for better selections

• If you are a restaurant hoping to get people to select healthier meal options, print out the menu

I could envision healthcare, spas, gyms and other facilities focused on health benefitting from print as well since these are all areas where more virtuous decisions help clients and businesses alike.

If you are in one of these verticals or partake in any of these use cases and would like to learn more about the positive power of paper and how to leverage print in the right areas to add value, please don’t hesitate to reach out, we’re here to help.