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Digital Transformation

Print Environment – Meet Cloud

Kerstin Woods / August 26, 2021
Digital Blue Cloud

So we learned in the last blog why cloud, at a high-level is finally possible, why it’s really compelling, and why it’s becoming a necessity for business success. But did you know that even that multi-function printer in your office is a cloud-enabled device?

Toshiba and others have known for years the advantages of cloud and so we’ve been building cloud into our product capabilities for almost a decade. Today we offer cloud monitoring, cloud services, cloud document and output management solutions, connectivity to cloud offerings from Google, Box, Dropbox, Microsoft and more. If you have a favorite cloud tool, we’re probably working with it.

We have a long list of cloud capabilities that we typically talk about individually.  But, in many ways they are connected, and we believe that looking at things holistically is an integral part of a successful cloud strategy.

So, recently we launched a new platform, Elevate Sky, to bring all of these cloud-enabled parts of our portfolio together. We want it to be easier for you to leverage cloud for your print environment. We want it to be easier to leverage our cloud expertise and services. In the end, we want to make print a cohesive part of your cloud strategy.

To learn more about the Elevate Sky platform and how it will help you look at your print, document management, output management, services, support, and solutions together as a single unified cloud, click here.