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Optimizing Print Operations: Seven Strategies for Cost-Cutting

Toshiba / June 5, 2023
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At Toshiba we know that many businesses often overlook print operations as an untapped opportunity for cost savings. By optimizing this area, your business can streamline operations and reduce expenses. Discover how our solutions and services can assist you in achieving these goals with these seven strategies for cost-cutting:

  1. Enhance Security: Data breaches can be costly! Protect your data from digital threats with a comprehensive security assessment. Toshiba’s SecureMFP approach looks holistically at your environment, including products, processes, and people. We offer risk mitigation strategies, firmware updates, and remote troubleshooting for your printer fleet management.
  2. Embrace Sustainability: Prioritize environmental consciousness to meet consumer demands. Our services monitor your sustainability efforts and reduce electrical consumption, paper waste, and cartridge usage. Additionally, we support reforestation, recycling of consumables, and electronic waste reduction.
  3. Optimize Device Performance: Move to a cloud-based workflow for tracking orders, service requests, and usage reports. Our team can provide support and expertise to maximize device performance and productivity.
  4. Reduce Costs & Streamline: Identify and replace obsolete print infrastructure, streamline processes, and achieve cost savings. With our Managed Print as a Service program, we will ensure that you have the right number, type, and mix of secure and cost-efficient devices based on your current needs.
  5. Consolidate Accountability: Simplify your printer management by having a single point of contact. When you partner with Toshiba we handle all equipment, service, supplies, and solutions. This approach provides peace of mind and reliability you can count on.
  6. Automate Supply Ordering: Prevent device downtime by implementing an automated supply ordering system. Enjoy the timely delivery of supplies directly to the user, ensuring seamless operations.
  7. Continual Improvement: Our commitment extends beyond hardware and supplies. We conduct ongoing analysis of your print environment, allowing for asset optimization, implementation of new solutions, and cost reduction. Our services adapt as your business grows.

By implementing these seven strategies, you can unlock the potential for significant cost savings and operational efficiencies within your print environment. Let Toshiba help you optimize your print operations and achieve long-term success.