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Nothing Is More Important than a Patient’s Health and Nothing More Private than Their Medical History

Tony Venice / July 1, 2020
Healthcare Security

Healthcare providers have a tough task of balancing patient care while maintaining policies that protect patient privacy. Given added pressures placed on healthcare workers by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more challenging to maintain this balance due to higher volumes of patient information related to testing, admissions, reporting, and claims processing.

So what are some of the key challenges facing healthcare providers today, and how can Toshiba help?

Security measures are required to keep patients, visitors and healthcare employees safe with regards to their health and privacy. With the new risks surrounding COVID-19 these safety requirements have significantly increased.

The influx of patients being admitted over the last several months increases the amount of paperwork being printed and processed. This opens up security risks.

Luckily, Toshiba MFPs include a number of standard security features. Toshiba’s advanced line of multifunction printers (MFPs) provide a simple-to-use interface, yet sophisticated and secure imaging features to help safeguard patient privacy, better manage confidential records, and ensure regulatory compliance. This includes:

  • Device and information security
  • MFP features and solutions to help healthcare companies meet HIPAA compliance
  • Printing support for Cerner, EPIC, MEDITECH, and McKesson
  • Integration with existing workflow solutions

Healthcare companies are required to meet HIPAA compliance to ensure patient privacy is maintained. Without certain printing security features in place, these policies can sometimes be breached, leaving both the patient and the facility at risk.

Things are stressful enough for healthcare workers without having to worry about the security of their MFP. Adding features that significantly reduce the opportunity for errors of routine tasks can cut down on that stress.

The following are some of the key security features Toshiba offers:

  • Toshiba’s own self-encrypting hard disk drive using 256-bit AES encryption.
  • We can also control device access by requiring ID Card authentication to prevent unauthorized access to any functions of the MFP.
  • Printed pages can be protected through Toshiba device features like Secure Print, which holds the print job until the user enters a unique password to release it.
  • You can also monitor who is using the device by accessing audit logs, which record all print, copy, fax, and scan jobs on the MFP.

This is an overwhelming time for the healthcare industry, but Toshiba can ease some of the burden by simplifying and securing printing of patient information and help facilities remain compliant.