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Menus, Directions and Announcements Go Digital at This Florida Church

Michael Sullivan / November 19, 2019

Fostering stakeholder engagement with one’s community is a vital objective no matter the organization. This is particularly true within faith-based communities.

How can technology play a significant role in informing, educating and yes, even inspiring faith communities? One church in Naples, Fla. is checking all these boxes with interactive communication; Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church is partnering with Toshiba to deploy dynamic digital signage to nurture such engagement with its more than 10,000-members.

Boosting Attendance and Engagement
Toshiba’s 22 displays – including 11 touchscreen systems – update Saint John’s congregation and visiting Naples community members about the church’s more than 5,000 annual events, including details about upcoming classes, concerts, service times and more. Not only does this help streamline communications, it also fosters community involvement.

Prior to engaging Toshiba, Saint John’s found that valuable programs and volunteer opportunities – such as feeding the hungry, providing free rides to people in need, or supporting impactful area nonprofits – oftentimes went unnoticed. Our interactive digital signage, Virtuoso, is now successfully communicating these activities interactively and dynamically, which is leading to a noticeable uptick in church engagement and community service.

Digital Signage Guides the Way
Wayfinding capabilities within Toshiba’s digital signage help visitors arrive on time to any of the thousands of functions on the church’s calendar by pinpointing the exact location of a given event while providing the current location as a reference point. This helps visitors easily navigate Saint John’s impressive 27-acre campus, which touts a fitness center, basketball court, locker rooms, auditorium, café, library, classrooms, conference area and the church itself.

But Wait, There’s More!
Beyond providing directional guidance and informing visitors about the latest goings-on at Saint John’s, Toshiba Virtuoso displays menu items and is easily updated with featured dishes at the Pulte Family Life Center café. Diners may also stay abreast of news and weather updates via Toshiba’s 65-inch digital signage around the café. And, other displays provide visitors with an impactful visual account of the church’s rebuilding after it was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Irma in 2017. From the tactical to the inspirational, Toshiba digital signage meets the breadth of demands across the campus.