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Introducing Our New Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer

Jessica Bernardo / March 21, 2023
Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer

For organizations that seek sustainable and efficient printing solutions, the introduction of Toshiba’s duplex linerless thermal printer, the DL1024, can be a game-changer.

These printers are eco-friendly and can save workforce resources; an excellent choice for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact and boost their bottom line.

Let’s take a closer look at this printing technology. Duplex printing is the ability to print on both sides of a label at once, thereby reducing paper usage by up to 50%. Linerless printing eliminates label liners, further reducing paper usage and waste. By combining these two technologies, duplex linerless thermal printers can print on both sides of the label without requiring a liner, resulting in significant savings in label/paper usage.

In addition to reducing paper usage, duplex linerless thermal printers save workforce resources. With traditional printing technologies, changing paper rolls can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. However, duplex linerless thermal printers eliminate frequent paper roll changes – without the lining, all media on the roll is usable so rolls last longer. Employees can focus on more critical tasks, leading to improved efficiency and productivity.

Another advantage of these printers is high-quality print output with excellent resolution and durability. Thermal technology eliminates the need for traditional laser printers and associated supplies to create packing lists: less hardware, less waste and lower operating costs. Moreover, thermal print labels are resistant to water damage, making them ideal for use in harsh warehousing environments.

Duplex linerless thermal printers are also eco-friendly and can help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. By using less paper, these printers reduce deforestation, landfill waste, and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, they produce less hazardous waste, such as ink bottles or toner cartridges, which can harm the environment.

Looking to reduce your environmental impact and save workforce resources and operating costs? Toshiba’s DL1024 duplex linerless thermal printer is an excellent choice by offering to print on both sides of the label without requiring a liner, producing less waste and high-quality, durable prints.

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