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Inside Toshiba’s Dynamic Summer Internship Program

Kim Jones / July 3, 2024
Interns joining hands for teambuilding.

In the dynamic world of business internships, every role opens doors for personal growth and discovery. Like thousands of organizations across the country, Toshiba American Business Solutions (TABS) believes in providing hands-on learning opportunities for the next generation of innovative leaders. This summer, TABS enters its third decade of paying it forward through the time-honored tradition of internship mentoring.

Now in his second summer with the program, Ian Chepkevich describes his journey as truly rewarding, adding that collaboration with the marketing team has helped him develop a diverse skill set. “This experience has really made a huge difference for me,” Ian explained. “It’s not just about the work—it’s about being able to do what I love.”

In early July, the next cohort of interns will join TABS at corporate headquarters in Irvine, CA, for a five-week corporate immersion. They’ll dive into hands-on learning across vital areas like supply chain management, legal practices, pricing strategies, and cutting-edge marketing techniques. It’s their gateway to developing crucial skills, expanding their knowledge base, and forging lasting professional connections.

“But it’s not just all work and no play,” clarifies Kim Jones, TABS vice president of human resources. “Team-building experiences are an integral aspect of the Toshiba experience.”

From preparing dinners for Orangewood Foundation’s youth to catching an Angels game from TABS’ exclusive suite, and even dining with the CEO and Executive Leadership Team, each bespoke event promises to enhance the internship journey. “We tell people to expect unique networking opportunities and memorable interactions that will propel their career forward,” Kim added.

Bryn Virkler can attest to that. She was a Toshiba intern more than a decade ago, which led to a flourishing communications career in non-profit and Fortune 100 organizations, eventually bringing her back—full circle—to Toshiba. “I fondly recall it as a standout experience as an undergrad,” Bryn said. “Not only was I given meaningful projects, but I also had access to leaders at all levels of the company and was encouraged to assist with projects in other departments. It was a well-rounded experience that prepared me for what was ahead. And I love being back and being in the mentor seat for other bright minds.”

One of those bright minds this summer is Sarina McDowell, who comes to work each morning “filled with genuine enjoyment about the opportunity for unique experiences unmatched elsewhere.”

What’s Next for Toshiba Interns?

Toshiba is eagerly awaiting the arrival of our interns, anticipating a mutually enriching experience for both them and our team at TABS. Our goal is to equip them with valuable skills, insights, and meaningful connections that will propel their academic and career aspirations forward. We encourage them to not only enjoy their time here but also to contribute their talents and knowledge to our existing teams. Stay tuned for updates on their summer projects and activities.

About the Toshiba Internship Program

Interns were selected from a diverse pool of applicants from colleges across the region and through employee referrals. Each will be assigned a mentor and placed within a department aligned with their individual interests and qualifications, ensuring a tailored and rewarding experience:

  • Supply Chain Management: Work with the supply chain management team to optimize the procurement and distribution of our products and services. Learn about best practices and tools for managing inventory, logistics, and supplier relationships.
  • Legal: Assist with contract review, compliance, and other legal matters. Interns will learn about the legal aspects and implications of our business operations and transactions.
  • Pricing: Assist the pricing team to analyze data, conduct research, and learn about pricing models and recommendations. Learn about the factors and strategies that influence pricing decisions and outcomes.
  • Marketing: Support the marketing team in the development and execution of our marketing campaigns and initiatives with the product marketing teams and the marketing communications teams. Learn about the methods and channels for creating and delivering engaging and effective content for various audiences and platforms.

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