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Digital Transformation

How to Prepare Your Business to Move Away from Analog Fax Lines and Aging Technology

Toshiba / June 15, 2022
Analog fax cable.

If you haven’t heard the news — beginning in August, telecom carriers are decommissioning their copper wire based networks due to aging networks, unavailable parts and retiring technicians.

With more than 36 million active POTS (plain old telephone service) lines across America in existence today your business and devices could be among those affected.

Carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and those supported by smaller markets, will be actively pursuing clients to convert their analog lines to FoIP (Fax over IP) or POTS over LTE solutions (long-term evolution). These services are less expensive and easier to maintain service and support for the carriers but also may have a significant impact to your organization’s business operations.


Toshiba provides a world-class and industry leading fax solution and secure file exchange allowing your organization to quickly and easily move away from analog technology.

  • Options include a simple web portal, multifunction printer panel, workflow and email integration
  • Existing numbers can be ported to the solution, or new numbers can be added through a simple administrative dashboard
  • Users can choose to view or send faxes from a friendly dashboard or use a Toshiba copier as easily as sending a fax today
  • There are no limits to the number of DIDs, users, content or retention times with the system


We know that security of any document within your organization is an obvious and important concern with Toshiba.

What we can provide your business:

  • A highly secure platform, supported by TLS protocols (transport layer security), Active Directory synchronization and options for two-factor authentication
  • All content and activity is logged, providing for extensive compliance and audit capabilities that are unavailable today with analog technology
  • User delegation and workflows with control of both inbound and outbound user access and numbers
  • Administrators can set separate outbound, inbound and enterprise numbers, which can provide significant consolidation to the total of numbers needed for your organization
  • Administrators can easily create profiles for users or groups, allowing users to fax from virtually any digital touchpoint while their numbers, cover sheets and phone books follow them
  • Mobile and remote access is managed with the same security as if workers were in the office


In addition to the solution’s fax security, we also provide Cloud Software solutionssuch as SendSecure “SafeBox” – a native digital file transfer feature. This allows your organization the flexibility to move away from users sending large email attachments for information that shouldn’t be in email.

SendSecure allows for SHA-256, two-factor authentication, secure transfers for up to five (5) terabytes per transaction. No client, plugin or other software is required!


Toshiba’s Professional Services team is ready to help. We have vast experience spanning hundreds of implementations and years of knowledge. Our team is ready to provide a hands-on demonstration and help your organization create a comprehensive transition plan away from analog technology.


If you your business is looking to move away from analog fax lines and technology contact Toshiba America Business Solutions today. Our experts are available to answer your questions and help you transition away from your analog phone service.