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Efficiency and Durability with Toshiba’s BV410T and BV420T Printers

Jessica Bernardo / March 5, 2024
Toshiba's BV400 thermal printers

In response to the growing need for reliable printing solutions in industries like logistics, healthcare, and retail, Toshiba has introduced the BV410T and BV420T 4” Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers. These intelligently designed printers, now part of the 4” Desktop BV400 Series, are here to revolutionize the printing experience.

These printers are meticulously engineered to address the pressing challenges faced by businesses, offering exceptional quality and advanced connectivity to streamline operations effectively. Here’s what you can expect with Toshiba’s BV400 series:

Exceptional design and connectivity
Toshiba’s commitment to excellence shines through in the BV400 series. Whether you’re in logistics, healthcare, or retail, these printers deliver exceptional design and advanced connectivity tailored to your needs. The thermal transfer process ensures higher print quality and increased durability compared to direct thermal printing, making it ideal for demanding environments.

Performance that rivals industrial printers
Don’t let the compact size fool you – the BV400 series packs a punch. With performance rivaling mid-range industrial printers, these desktop printers offer outstanding value without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to costly upgrades and hello to efficiency.

Customized solutions for your business
Choose from a range of configurations to suit your specific requirements. The BV410T models come in a sleek white case with an LCD display, while the BV420T models offer a cost-effective black case with an LED display. With options for WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity, peel/cutter modules, and RFID technology, you can customize your printer to fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Benefits for your business:

But what sets the BV410T and BV420T apart? Here are just a few ways your business can benefit:

  1. Reliability and Efficiency: Toshiba’s highly reliable label printers guarantee accuracy and efficiency, making printing a breeze. With a compact design that takes up minimal space and easy top-loading media, you can streamline your operations without sacrificing performance.
  2. Speed and Performance: Printing at the speed of business is essential, and the BV400 series delivers with market-leading 7 inches per second (ips) on the 200 dots per inch (dpi) models. Instant readiness from power-on ensures you’re always ready to tackle your printing tasks head-on.
  3. Future-Proof Operations: Stay ahead of the curve with advanced solutions that future-proof your operations. RFID technology expands the BV410T model’s applications across various markets, bringing data to your desktop and streamlining operations. With varied interface options, including WLAN and Bluetooth, all models can be configured with advanced solutions typically reserved for industrial-level printers.
  4. Rugged Reliability: Designed for demanding environments, these printers are built to last. Enjoy smooth, worry-free operations daily, knowing that your printer can handle whatever you throw at it. Optional built-in AC adaptors deliver a tidy and safe workspace, while recessed ports guard against interrupted connectivity.

Toshiba’s BV410T and BV420T Thermal Transfer Desktop Printers are more than just printers – they’re solutions designed to enhance efficiency, durability, and performance in your workplace. Don’t settle for less when you can have the best.