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e-BRIDGE Global Print Takes the Hassle Out of Printing On-the-Go

Toshiba / August 11, 2022
Printing on-the-go

Having the ability to work from anywhere has its advantages and disadvantages. Sure, a change of scenery is nice when answering e-mails, however the struggles begin when you need to print a document on-the-go.

If you’re an individual that works in multiple locations with different printers at each one, figuring out how to print a simple document quickly can be frustrating. Fortunately, there is e-Bridge® Global Print which takes the hassle out of printing for the anywhere workforce.

What can e-BRIDGE® Global Print do?

  • Submit print jobs to the cloud from anywhere for location flexibility
  • Sign in with your current Google Workspace™ and Microsoft 365® account to enable printing quickly.
  • Release print jobs on demand conveniently and securely with access card or PIN
  • Gain insights into your printing and devices with MFP usage logs
  • Eliminate IT overhead associated with managing print servers and more

Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE® Global Print gives you and your employees the flexibility to print from a home office, client’s office, coffee shop, or from anywhere, really. Once users simply install the Toshiba universal print driver onto their computer, they can send print jobs from virtually anywhere, and from any network.

With e-BRIDGE Global Print, you can easily sign in from your Google Workspace™ or Microsoft 365® accounts to quickly enable printing. All documents are securely transmitted to and from the cloud hosted by Microsoft® Azure® and Amazon Web Services™ (AWS). And we’ve also simplified secure authentication by allowing users to log into our multifunction printers using a dedicated PIN, or access card or badge. It’s your choice and best of all, little to no training is required.

e-BRIDGE® Global Print ensures that the user has ultimate control over their print jobs. Since a job is submitted to the cloud, it can be printed on demand from any Toshiba MFP, without worry that the printout will be left for others to see. With one simple sign-on from the MFP embedded application, a print job is released when the user is ready to receive it, keeping sensitive documents secure and reducing waste from forgotten printouts.

Also tracking your MFP usage with e-BRIDGE® Global Print comes with distinct advantages. MFP usage logs provide insights into every single print job, regardless of where it originated. This allows the administrator to create reports, making it easier to gain insights on device usage and user productivity.

Digital media certainly has its advantages; however, employees often find it easier to stay focused and be more engaged with printed materials. Thanks to e-BRIDGE® Global Print, you can now print from virtually anywhere and pick up meeting materials with ease to allow for increased connection and collaboration, and, ultimately, a rise in productivity

If you or your business is looking for a simple and secure way of printing for the anywhere workforce consider reading more about our e-BRIDGE® Global Print from Toshiba! It’s easy to set up and start printing in no time, so you can focus on what’s important and stay productive without dealing with unnecessary print frustrations – a win-win for everyone.