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Don’t Let Your Sustainability Goals Be Empty Promises

Robert Catalano / December 7, 2022
Sustainability Goals

With tragic flooding, unprecedented lightning storms and epic heat waves sweeping the country, I think we’re all seeking answers for how to change the trajectory of climate change.

At the corporate level, companies around the globe are trying to implement climate change efforts towards goals of carbon neutrality or “net zero”. Yet, according to a recent Harvard business review article, most companies are not meeting their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. While well-intentioned and even well-funded, there are numerous challenges when it comes to implementing ESG changes. Poor alignment, skills and KPIs, and a lack of the right product/service technologies were all cited as reasons that goals remain unmet.

At Toshiba, we understand that strategic, widespread environmental changes take work. Which is why we partner alongside companies of all sizes to help ensure they have the right products and services in place to help their sustainability goals in the areas of print and document workflow.

In fact, we’ve been helping companies print smarter for decades. And, we agree with the recommendations from the Harvard Business Review article that it takes strategic alignment, education, and the tracking of measurable near-term and long-term KPIs. Here’s how we approach it with our clients….

1. Baseline your current print environment. Did you know most companies don’t even know who is printing and how much? If you don’t know where you are starting from, it’s impossible to set measurable KPIs for improvement.

2. Optimize your hardware. Based on that thorough print assessment, we look at all the ways your print footprint can be improved. Could you benefit from more energy/environmentally friendly print devices? Or fewer devices placed in better locations? (We don’t just look at optimizing your environment for sustainability, we also look at cost savings, security, and more)

3. Leverage software and the cloud to gain valuable insights and set KPIs. With greater visibility into your print environment, you gain greater control over what KPIs to set and even the ability to set policies to enforce those goals. Maybe you’d benefit from dual-sided printing? Or print quotas? This helps you make measurable, trackable, and even enforceable KPIs.

4. Automate manual processes. Sometimes waste comes in the form of repetitive manual processes that require back and forth steps and document exchanges. With our advanced workflow capabilities, we can help you identify those repetitive manual processes and replace them with digital, automated workflows. For example, printing out invoices for approvals and processing? Why not have a scanned in invoice kick off approvals and processing automatically with no additional paper needed?

5. Reduce your carbon footprint through recycling. We offer recycling of our toner cartridges so that you never have to worry about your impact from a landfill perspective. For instance, 1674 tons of e-waste was diverted from landfills through Toshiba’s EcoSmart Toner Recycling Program since 2008.

6. Offset your paper consumption with automatic reforestation. We also offer a program that allows you to automatically reforest your paper footprint at planting sits of your choice around the globe. Since 2016 this program was responsible for replanting 121,965 trees globally.

7. Partner with a company who is committed to sustainable practices themselves. From our manufacturing processes, to our environmental ratings to our own butterfly farm and reforestation efforts, Toshiba is deeply committed to our environment globally and locally.  We’re in this together to make environmental change.

The above process all takes place within our Encompass Managed Print As A Service (MPaaS) offering. On an MPaaS engagement, you’ll be assigned a dedicated project manager who will leverage decades of proven experience and customized tools to ensure a focused and repeatable process with proven results. They will take you through a print optimization study and ensure measurable KPIs are set and achieved.

Don’t let your sustainability goals flounder. We can help you make tactical, tangible progress today. Click here to learn more: or email us today.