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6 Key Topics to Consider When Researching a Copier

Jackie Benedetto / December 28, 2020
Things to Consider Notepad

Buying multifunction printers (copiers) is somewhat similar to any other significant purchase  – there is much to consider.

The simplest question could help narrow your search: Why do you need new copiers in the first place?

Prerequisites vary by industry, and may even differ within the organization itself. Marketing teams oftentimes have specific requirements (such as high speed, vibrant color graphics) where as the warehouse may be fine with a simple black and white device.

  • Once this is determined these key elements can further refine your decision process.
  • Print/scan quality
  • Speed
  • Finishing options l
  • Security
  • Eco attributes
  • Service after the sale

1) Print & Scan Quality

While print quality should be comparable across vendors, consider validating that the device you’re closely considering produces the crisp monochrome text and vibrant colors your team expects.

The same holds for scan quality, especially with the new at-home-office workforce who will most likely need these features as well. Plus check for the capability to scan to email, file and a USB drive.

2) Meeting Speed Limit

Determining the speed or output of your new copier centers on your organization’s needs.

A quick-paced environment – think law firm, healthcare facility or school/university – requires a faster, fully configured A3 copier (accepts paper up to 11” x 17”) that can produce color images at up to 75 pages per minute.

Small-to-medium-size business can probably operate just fine with A4 printers offering 20 – 40 pages per minute. (8.5” x 11” paper).

3) Finishing What you Need

Some companies save big by producing sales and marketing collateral in-house. Robust production, like colorful brochures or folded handouts, can be a breeze with the right finishing options added on for booklet making and saddle stitch stapling. Also large capacity paper drawers to keep big jobs going before refills are needed.

4) Blanket Security

Copier hard drives represent a potential entry point for hackers. Security is paramount: Consider $13 million is the average cost per cyberattack1.

Ensure your copiers employ encrypting hard drives as a safeguard for maintaining data, while you own the device and at the end of its life

5) Operate More Sustainably

Companies concerned with being green should learn what product meet stringent environmental standards from manufacturing to end-of-life recycling. Other good signs are key certifications including EPEAT® Gold, Restriction of Hazardous Substances (or RoHS) and ENERGY STAR®.

6) Service

A final question is service after the sale. Will the same company who sold you the device be responsible for maintaining it? How do current customers rate their service? Any online reviews?

Finally, once you have the perfect product in mind, validate your choice. Product reviews on such sites as Keypoint Intelligence and Better Buys can help.

Of course Toshiba experts are here to answer all of your questions as well. Find an office nearest you.