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Toshiba Helps Traxion Deliver Premium Customer Satisfaction

Toshiba Printers Improve Customer Experience While Accelerating Door-to-Door Deliveries for Mexico's Premier Logistics Company
October 20, 2021
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MEXICO CITY, Mexico & LAKE FOREST, Calif., Oct. 20, 2021 Toshiba America Business Solutions printer technology is assisting Mexico’s leading logistics company, Traxion, to complete accurate, on-time and secure door-to-door deliveries through its subsidiary Redpack.

Traxion is ensuring Redpack customer satisfaction by deploying Toshiba’s diverse range of award-winning mobile and desktop labels and barcode printers across 200+ Mexico locations.  Nearly 500 Toshiba printers are assisting more than 800 Traxion employees to create barcode labels and receipts to precisely deliver millions of parcels 24/7/365.

Helping Ensure Traxion Deliveries at Any Time or Place 

Toshiba’s desktop printer line (the BA410 and B-FV4D series systems) produces the initial barcode labels which provide essential information on package contents and final destination. Toshiba’s precise, high-quality labels help Redpack’s retail store, warehouse personnel and drivers pinpoint and track parcels from anywhere in the world at any given moment.  Toshiba’s label accuracy and quality further assist to ensure timely and accurate hand-offs across the supply chain – from shipper drop-off to recipient’s doorstep – which is critical to meeting shipping deadlines and achieving high customer satisfaction.

Toshiba’s mobile devices (the B-FP3 series) further improve the Traxion customer experience by generating speedy receipts – up to six inches per second – detailing a parcel’s content to consumers.  Beyond expediting shipments, Toshiba’s industry-recognized mobile printers safeguard deliveries by accurately identifying shipment contents and the consumers themselves.  It also helps streamline Redpack’s supply chain operations by allowing personnel to access receipts from any location, without the need to be at a workstation with a power cord.

“Traxion works closely with its partners to accelerate and improve its digital transformation through cutting-edge technology to optimize both operational performance and installed capacity utilization, thus supporting a much more asset-light business model. Today, we are one of the most relevant logistics and mobility providers in Mexico, capable of coordinating ongoing services across the supply chain, and into the United States,” says Traxion Vice President of Investor Relations Antonio Tejedo.  “We are proud to have formed this strategic alliance with Toshiba. By combining the capabilities, footprint and experience of both companies, we will have the ability to offer better and more efficient logistics solutions.”

Ruggedized Toshiba Printers Withstand Rough & Tumble Use 

Traxion personnel also appreciate the printers’ ruggedized elements. Metal frames and sturdy components underscore the durability and value of Toshiba’s industrial desktop printers. Toshiba’s mobile printers blend a stout design with Ingress Protection 54 (IP54) dust and moisture protection with proven five-foot drop resistance facilitating continuous operation while accompanying Traxion drivers. Traxion leadership and staff further welcome the printers’ industry elite mean time between failures (MTBF), which highlights the systems’ high reliability.

“Toshiba embraces Traxion’s mission of delivering accurate and on-time shipments to its customers across Mexico,” says Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Marketing Bill Melo.  “We are dedicated to outfitting Traxion with industry-best labeling technology to help ensure they maintain their reputation for sterling customer service.”

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About Traxion

TRAXIÓN is the leading logistics, transportation, and mobility company in Mexico founded in 2011. It offers the broadest integrated solutions portfolio across the supply chain and personnel mobility services. The company operates three principal business segments: Logistics & Technology, Mobility of Cargo, and Mobility of Personnel. As an institutional enterprise, the aim is to consolidate a sector mainly dominated by family-owned companies and integrate the broadest service portfolio of transportation and logistics. As of 2Q21, the company operates a fleet of more than 8,700 units, more than 600,000 sqm of 3PL logistics warehouse area (~6.5 million sq. ft.) and employs more than 16,500 team members. The most significant competitive advantages of the company are state-of-the-art technology, a disruptive development approach, a seasoned and entrepreneurial management team, and large-scale operations. TRAXIÓN has a robust ESG strategy in place, which reiterates its leadership and commitment with employees, suppliers, customers, and the communities where it operates. Visit:

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