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The Truth About Color…and How It Can Benefit Your Business

Robert Covington / August 27, 2020
Color Abstract

If you’re not outputting your business communications in color, you haven’t been paying attention!

Numerous studies show that business communications produced in color have a more persuasive effect on clients and employees than black and white. In fact, psychologists have found that you’re more likely to forget something when it’s in black and white.

An article by Crown Connect shows that readers pay attention up to 82% longer when color is used. The research detailing the influential power of color is compelling. People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color mail piece first, and the use of color in printed material increases readership by up to 80%.

6 Questions to Consider Before Printing Materials in Black and White

Does Color Get Your Attention?

You bet it does. Nothing gets your attention like red. Stop signs are red for a reason. Think about the last “clearance” sign you saw at your favorite store. Made you stop and notice, didn’t it?

Likewise, yellow is an attention-grabbing color too. That’s why it’s the color of roadside caution signs. It wasn’t by accident (pun intended). A splash of color draws the viewer’s attention right to that area. Used appropriately, it gets your attention.

Does Color Identify Your Business?

Well, once you’ve made the big time it does, but every business starts somewhere, and color is arguably the strongest associator with brand identity.

Think for a moment about the most prominent businesses and how their brand is intrinsically locked with a given color. Coca Cola red, Home Depot orange and so on. When you’ve got the opportunity to get your logo out there in color, take advantage.

Does Color Increase the Likelihood of a Sale?

We know brand identification is increased when color is added, and color on selling materials increases the likelihood of a purchase by 80%, according to a study on the psychology of color.

Studies also show that color can have a powerful impact on people’s decision-making processes. So, if your company is still outputting business communications in black and white, it’s definitely time to incorporate color into the mix.

Does Color Affect Reader Comprehension and Retention?

The use of color helps your clients and prospects understand your message more quickly and clearly. Research tells us that color can increase comprehension by as much as 73% and retention by as much as 78%.

A study from Loyola College in Chicago suggests that color has a positive impact on one’s ability to extract information from presentations, including charts and graphs.

Does Color Motivate People?

Yes. The truth is that humans find joy in color. When we deprive employees of color in the workplace we’re denying them a basic neurological need.

The brain is stimulated by color, releasing chemicals that cause a reaction, including stimulating our appetite. The use of color can also increase motivation or participation by up to 80%.

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