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Toshiba’s Cloud Service Bolsters Customer Experience

Elevate Sky Service Utilizes Analytics and Cloud Technologies Delivering Proactive Customer Service within Hybrid Work Environments
October 19, 2021
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Toshiba America Business Solutions is improving the customer experience via the cloud while comprehensively supporting and securing everyday print and document management tasks for onsite and remote workforces via a suite of cloud service and support tools.

Toshiba’s Elevate SkyService – the newest update within the company’s expanding Elevate Sky cloud portfolio – accomplishes this objective by enabling remote diagnosis, configuration and servicing of Toshiba’s award-winning e‑STUDIO multifunction printers (MFPs) using artificial intelligence (AI) fleet analytics.

Improving Customer Service Via the Cloud

Elevate Sky Service’s e-BRIDGE Remote Assist is an innovative tool benefiting businesses of any size.  This cloud-based portal allows service technicians to remotely connect to a Toshiba MFP (with the client’s permission) to modify device settings, diagnose technical issues, install software, and perform periodic fleet maintenance on Toshiba systems.  All in real-time without any on-premises software or onsite visits resulting in faster problem resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

AI Analytics Improve Uptime

The company’s e‑BRIDGE Remote Diagnosis Tool blends AI and cloud technologies enabling both service technicians and resellers to see device error trends.  The tool additionally aggregates and analyzes such trends across thousands of similar devices to help predict failures.  Such insights allow proactive servicing to resolve issues before they materialize.

Printing to Toshiba MFPs from Anywhere

Toshiba is also introducing a new e-BRIDGE Plus application with built-in support for Microsoft’s Universal Print infrastructure.  Via Universal Print, users may print to Toshiba MFPs from anywhere without on-premises print servers or software thereby reducing print and IT infrastructure costs.

As with all cloud implementations, security is extremely important, so Toshiba works to provide end-to-end security in numerous ways.  Highly secure cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service (AWS) host Elevate Sky Service tools to provide peace of mind.  Encrypting customer data while helping safeguard information handling are other leading security elements the cloud tools deliver.

“Toshiba’s Elevate Sky Service equips the modern workforce with a real-time, cloud platform that will significantly enhance the customer experience of our valued customers,” says Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President Marketing and Strategic Business Development Bill Melo.  “Our new offering represents Toshiba’s continuing focus to address businesses’ service needs in a more secure, efficient and streamlined manner.”

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