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Toshiba Simplifies Printing for Today’s Anywhere Workforce

Toshiba Technology Delivers Secure, Carefree Printing at Any Time & Place
July 19, 2022
Toshiba's e-Bridge Global Print

LAKE FOREST, Calif., July 19, 2022 Toshiba America Business Solutions’ newest software is enabling the modern anywhere workforce to print at any time and place.

Whether working from home, the office, coffee shop or a hotel lobby, Toshiba’s e-BRIDGE Global Print comprehensively simplifies the printing process.  Global Print is the latest element in the company’s Elevate Sky cloud platform, bolstering customer productivity, security and workflow management.

Printing to your printer of choice, especially across multiple locations, presents distinct challenges for individuals and their organization’s IT departments.  Global Print tackles these challenges by allowing users to print to a single, secure, cloud-based print queue and then release prints upon end-user command at any Toshiba e-BRIDGE multifunction printer (MFP) with Global Print installed.

This harnesses the power of the cloud to enable printing simply, securely and virtually instantaneously while eliminating the cumbersome installation, ongoing management and extra cost of print servers and on-premises software.

Seamlessly Print Projects

Individuals can be up and running on Global Print in mere minutes with a quick installation of Toshiba’s universal print driver.  After that quick initial setup, clients may fulfill print projects from any network and location to any Global Print enabled Toshiba MFP.  Leveraging Toshiba’s universal print driver also maintains the highest print capabilities and quality including MFP feature and function selection.

The Toshiba software delivers print requests to the cloud in an encrypted manner while releasing the projects via a person-specific code or access badge.  This instills people’s confidence in knowing their deliverables are secure.  Selecting and releasing print jobs on-demand further heightens security and additionally reduces the waste of extra or forgotten prints while enabling organizations to operate more cost-effectively and sustainably.

Convenience, Security & Trends Tracking

Global Print authenticates individuals through their Microsoft 365® and Google Workspace identity provider while accelerating print setup.  Leading cloud platforms Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Web Services moreover host Toshiba’s Elevate Sky tool adding yet another layer of protection.  Global Print further helps spur staff connectivity in and out of the office by producing documents on which teammates may readily collaborate.

Documenting usage while tracking trends via Global Print is also a breeze.  Toshiba’s software provides such insight via the cloud regardless of where the print, scan or copy originates.  Such capability enables IT staff to create and download reports on device usage and user productivity.

“Global Print presents modern businesses with a straightforward and intuitive solution for delivering documents from virtually any location,” says Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Solutions and Outbound Marketing Kerstin Woods.

“Individuals working at the office or remotely may now easily and securely print to their printer of choice without the need for extra software or print servers.”

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