Document Delivery


Documents are delivered through an ever-increasing number of channels including print, web, social networks, text messaging and RSS. Toshiba’s portfolio of Document Delivery software provides the necessary tools to transform documents from legacy print streams for output on Toshiba MFPs, while simultaneously delivering documents through other channels.  The portfolio includes tools that allow end-users to build and output personalized print, to production grade tools that are enterprise capable.

The Toshiba Document Delivery Portfolio comprises:

Prism DocForm – Production grade variable print, transpromo and multi channel communications

Prism DocSystem – Enterprise middleware for complex capture and delivery requirements

Prism DocTransform – Transform legacy print streams to support today’s MFPs

Prism deskSystem – An easy-to-use desktop application that allows users to quickly compose and manipulate documens, form collaborative workgroup communites, and create personalized automated workflows and business processes for these documents.

Prism deskForm – The complete personalized communication solution for cross-channel messaging for small organizations.