Document Security

Protecting Your Papers


Document SecurityWith Digital Rights Management (DRM), security policies remain with each document as it travels inside and outside of your organization. To preserve the integrity and security of printed information, Private Print prevents the wrong person from picking up the wrong print job and gives the user the option of printing private documents individually or multiple documents at one time. FollowMe Printing holds print jobs in a central queue until the user logs on to any FollowMe-enabled MFP, ensuring that the correct user is physically present before the document is printed. SecurePDF protects scanned documents, enabling users to assign a password in order to restrict viewing, printing, editing and copying of the scanned information. Up to 128-bit encryption can be used to keep the information safely stored.

Fasoo’s DRM applications will help your company provide even greater protection against unauthorized access to sensitive financial, technical and personal information. These threats come from both inside and outside of your organization, and this technology helps you to better address these risks. More