An Encompass Analysis uncovered hidden costs savings when they replaced the old and outdated equipment with new e-STUDIO MFPs.

4 service contracts were optimized into 1

Toshiba's Encompass Fleet Management Tool streamlines processes by managing all printers, copiers, service, parts and toner under one contract, even if the devices are not ours, saving time and service calls.

An Encompass Security Assessment will take inventory of all document management systems and assess the security of devices, documents and points of access, ensuring your private information remains private.

An Encompass Green Report allows our MDS experts to show you how to reduce paper use, solid waste, emissions and electricity to help you save money and precious resources.


The average office is overloaded with
outdated, money draining devices that not only
increase monthly costs, but also your company's carbon
footprint. Watch and learn how Toshiba's MDS experts were able
to streamline and optimize this office's document management systems.

See It In Action

Pay Per Print

This innovative cost-per-page solution is designed to control waste and lower your printing costs. All toner, parts and service are included in the simple fixed cost per page.

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Monitor Your Fleet

24/7/365 visibility of everything. Usage trends, service needs…plus we'll create a procurement and support website personalized to your business.

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Save More

As the Managed Document experts, we'll show you how to cut your printing expenses by up to 40% virtually overnight, with easy-to-implement, highly efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Go Green,
Save Green.

Learn how you can reduce waste
and your carbon footprint, all while
strengthening your bottom line.

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Toner Recycling

Nothing goes to waste with our Close The Loop program that allows you to return toner bottles, cartridges and other supplies free of charge.

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Earth Friendly Products

The vast majority of our products are Energy Star® rated and feature sleep modes that can reduce electricity consumption by up to 60%.

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Greener Manufacturing

From using recycled plastics and reducing packaging, to eliminating the use of harmful substances, we're reducing our environmental footprint.

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Programs and Alliances

Achieving long-term sustainability takes leadership and action. That's why we offer, support and participate in a wide range of green initiatives.

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Go Greener

We know that reducing paper and electricity usage means cost savings to you every month. With our Encompass Green Report, you can maximize your green savings and reduce waste with environmental initiatives like our Zero-waste-to-landfill toner recycling and equipment disposal services.

Device Management

Instantly gather company-wide device information, optimize printer utilization, and stay informed about the status of all your multifunction devices with our customized management systems.

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Document Output Management

Monitor, control and audit all your devices' daily output. Our document management systems reduce waste, optimize performance, and ensure security.

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Print Smarter

At Toshiba, we’re about streamlining your print environment—even if that’s not with our machines. Whether it’s HP or Lexmark, our MDS team will manage all your printers, how they’re printing, and even how often…and you’ll only pay when you print. It’s a wonder why we’re the only ones doing it.

Keep Your Business,
Your Business.

Learn about our innovative methods
for protecting your valuable data

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Defend Your Devices

Device security is a top priority. From encryption and decryption of data to network security, we work hard to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all your communications.

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Access Security

We've developed simple, yet highly effective methods of establishing access security without inconveniencing users. We can help streamline access, login and control, all without sacrificing security.

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Protect Your Privacy

Our security policies remain with each document as it travels inside and outside of your organization. We preserve the integrity, privacy and protection of all your critical data.

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Secure to the End

At Toshiba, when a device lease ends, we remove any and all information from the hard drive before it leaves the premises, ensuring maximum security protection.

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Work Safer

At Toshiba, we use system experts who are trained and certified as part of our Encompass Security Vulnerability Assessment Program. Our professional services consultants analyze and assess device, fleet, and enterprise document security as well as points of vulnerability. After analyzing every possible security risk, we provide you with a detailed security plan and help you implement it.

How it Works

See Toshiba's Encompass in action as it helps your company get control of document output costs, secure critical data, streamline processes, and reduce waste.

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Save More

Encompass is all about providing smart office solutions. In fact, a few smart moves can save you a lot…up to 40% in some cases.

Control costs

Go Greener

Working green saves you green, and with Encompass' Green Report you'll reduce waste while strengthening your bottom line.

Go green

Work Safer

Encompass pinpoints your document and device vulnerability with laser-like precision, providing you with a detailed security plan, ensuring your office is better protected than Fort Knox.

Lock it down

Print Smarter

Pay only when you print, with whatever printers you prefer, even if they're not ours. Our experts will turn your print environment into a well-oiled money-saving machine.

Your system, your way

Savings Calculator

If you're a company with 150+ employees, you don't just save with Encompass…you save big. Give us your numbers, we'll give you your savings.

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