New e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool Optimizes Toshiba’s Industry-leading Color Reproduction Quality Based on Environment and Media

IRVINE , California   ( Jan 13, 2010 ) :

Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS), today proudly announced the introduction of the Toshiba e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool, a proprietary software suite designed to optimize the already highly-praised, industry-leading color reproduction quality of Toshiba color products that support International Color Consortium (ICC) profiles. The e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool, combined with the ES1000 spectrophotometer, enables the creation of ICC device output profiles. The resulting profile can then be used, along with the e-BRIDGE controllers internal color management, to maximize vibrancy and fidelity.

"The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool was integral in helping the award-winning e-STUDIO6530c, our fastest and most advanced color product to date, receive such high-accolades at the IPA Digital Print Forum earlier this year," said Rory Fox, senior product manager, TABS. "This study exhaustively examines and compares large production presses. The e-STUDIO6530c was the only system under scrutiny designed primarily for general office use, and the results proved that our competitively-priced office product with an EFI Fiery Controller, did well in all the tests when compared with production presses that are priced anywhere from $300,000 to $1 million retail."

The ability to print outstanding color images within one's own office reduces the need to outsource short-run, on-demand printing, and can save businesses significant costs, while simultaneously increasing office productivity. Variance in temperature, humidity, substrates and many other variables all affect image quality. For example, a device in the mile-high city of Denver will require a different profile than a city in Louisiana to achieve the same level of color fidelity. The e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool allows businesses to make the most of their e-STUDIO color device regardless of the environment, or the media.

The software package includes four separate applications allowing for: color data printing; data measurement; data integrity viewing; profile building; and profile viewing. 

  • Target Reader - The Target Reader application is used to manage the creation and measurement of characterization targets that are used in the development of custom profiles. Target Reader consists of two main areas: Measure Targets and Average Targets. Measure Targets help you manage the measurement of the characterization targets and the creation of characterization data files that are used to build custom profiles. Average Targets are used to analyze data from multiple characterization data files to produce one that is an average of all.
  • Data Viewer - One of the primary factors affecting the quality of an ICC profile is the quality of the characterization data used. After measurement, the user can view the data in several ways using the Data Viewer application. It is important to detect any possible errors in color measurements prior to completing the profile construction process.
  • Profile Builder - This application initiates the construction of the ICC profile and provides additional settings that allow the user to change parameters, providing further customization prior to profile building.
  • Profile Viewer - This application assists in verifying the integrity, accuracy and performance of the ICC color profile.

The Toshiba e-BRIDGE Color Profiler Tool has an MSRP of $499. The ES-1000 Spectrophotometer has an MSRP of $1,299. For more information on Toshiba software solutions, copiers, facsimiles, multifunction printing products, network controllers, toner products, or for a dealer in your area, call (800)-GO-TOSHIBA or visit the TABS Web site at

About Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.

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