Toshiba eXCHANGE Aims to Provide Opportunities For Exchanging Information, Building Relationships, and Sharing Best Practices

Irvine , CA   ( Aug 23, 2010 ) :

Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) was recently awarded the BERTL's Best Award for "Most Innovative Vendor Relationship Management System" for Toshiba eXCHANGE, an internal social networking site for corporate employees, independent dealers and the direct sales and service channel.

Recognizing the significant impact that social networking can have on business, Toshiba began exploring ways to create its own internal social networking site. The basis for this initiative was the belief that everyone within the Toshiba family should have easy opportunities to exchange information, build relationships, and share sales successes regardless of their physical location or job description.

"It's estimated that only 20 percent of a company's knowledge is contained in written documents, while the remaining information resides in the minds of employees. Toshiba eXCHANGE gives members the chance to easily document, share and seek that information, in turn creating new opportunities for sales and service success," said Bill Melo, vice president of marketing, services and solutions, TABS.  

"We are excited to present Toshiba with a BERTL's Best Award this year for Toshiba eXCHANGE. In several threads reviewed, it was easy to see how barriers have been taken down with the use of this tool. In numerous instances, we witnessed direct and independent sales representatives working with one another to answer questions, provide solutions and share best practices to win over a customer and defeat the competition. Direct and independent dealers are not giving away trade secrets or exposing any information that would hurt them. They are working together to combat their real competitors out in the market place," said Art Wynne, president, BERTL. "Also evident is that this system has the potential on a larger scale of helping Toshiba gain more market share."

Toshiba is changing the way it does business by using emerging technologies to stay ahead of the curve, and capture social capital from the field for all participants to leverage for their own success. This powerful tool allows for exponential communication, which helps every person with access to the site stay attuned to changing conditions in the marketplace.

Mark Mathews, president and COO, TABS states, "We're very humbled and honored to receive this award for ‘Most Innovative Vendor Relationship Management System.' We are all working very hard to continue to be an innovation leader in the industry, and this award is one indication of our success in achieving that leadership position."

About Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc.

Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) is an independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, the seventh largest electronics/electrical equipment company in the world. TABS manages product planning, marketing, sales, service support and distribution of copiers, facsimiles, multifunction printing products, network controllers, and toner products throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., TABS has five divisions:  the Electronic Imaging Division; the Toner Products Division; the Document Solutions Engineering Division; the International Division; and Toshiba Business Solutions (TBS), a wholly-owned subsidiary corporation of TABS, that operates a network of wholly-owned office equipment dealers throughout the United States. 

Named the most favored manufacturer ten times by the Business Technology Association (BTA), Toshiba's entire product line, customer support and marketing distribution policies are markers for the industry. For more information on Toshiba products, programs, solutions and services, please visit