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Does your company routinely produce manuals or documentation, newsletters, pamphlets, or handouts? Depending on the volume or the advanced finishing requirements, this was often a task for the corner quick printshop. It didn’t make sense to put the wear and tear on the departmental office device, never mind sideline it from general office use while you fumbled with trying to get the big job out the door.

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Having taken a look at the basics of all label printers, the final item on our list of things you need to know is the additional features offered by some label printers.

For certain applications, these features can make a big difference in efficiency and cost of your label printing operation, and you’ll need to understand whether they are something your business should consider.

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Bar code printers are reliable workmates; and with attention to just a bit of maintenance they will work well at a low cost of operation. From print head replacement to label software and ribbon capacity. Here’s what you need to know in order to keep your printer in top condition.

Aside from changing out print media for specific applications, the print head will need to be replaced a number of times during the life of your printer. Therefore, it’s worth understanding a bit more about print head maintenance.

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We’ve seen a lot of businesses pick a lot of label printers. Many get it right, but some get it wrong. The impact of getting it wrong is the increased cost and time of having to replace a printer more frequently.

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You’ve probably heard it called by several names. Bar code. Thermal printing, Thermal bar code. It’s all the same.

Once you’ve decided you need thermal transfer technology, the next consideration is the type of print head required for your job. There are two types of print head used in thermal transfer printing:

• Flathead

• Near edge

It’s certainly worth understanding the difference and assessing which one will suit your business best.

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