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The multifunction printer (MFP) is about as essential to modern business as the phone or the computer. Every document that’s copied, printed, faxed, or scanned relies upon the MFP to get the job done. This can make the office MFP fairly “in demand.”

Many larger enterprise environments have multiple MFPs within their offices so if one is too busy, the needy user can venture to another device; hopefully one with a shorter queue.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to ease the burden on the busy departmental MFP; the e‑STUDIO330AC/400AC from Toshiba.

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If you’re not outputting your business communications in color, you haven’t been paying attention!

Numerous studies show that business communications produced in color have a more persuasive effect on clients and employees than black and white. In fact, psychologists have found that you’re more likely to forget something when it’s in black and white.

An article by Crown Connect shows that readers pay attention up to 82% longer when color is used. The research detailing the influential power of color is compelling. People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color mail piece first, and the use of color in printed material increases readership by up to 80%.

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March 15, 2020 will stand out in my mind as memorable for years to come.  It was 6:14 a.m., my espresso was brewing, and my phone began buzzing violently in my robe pocket with email alerts. One particular message displayed the red URGENT flag and was from a senior Toshiba executive. Basically it was  along the lines of “you’ve had 19 years to prepare, Jason, we need your expertise — and we need it now!”

Call it pre-caffeine brain or overall confusion, my adrenaline spiked. However, I was dumbfounded as to what he meant.  After several phone calls and emails throughout the day, one question stood out as the common denominator:

“How can we best empower our clients for remote office productivity right now?”

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COVID-19 is creating a new lifestyle for everyone, and for people who have kids in K-12 the impact is more pronounced. Schools suddenly closed in March and quickly pivoted to remote learning by April. By May, schools were arranging virtual proms and graduations; and as we headed into summer vacation no one knew what the guidelines were for re-opening. All this happened while we watched confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths reach new highs every day.

My 15-year old daughter is starting 10th grade this fall. Her school district is offering options of 100% online or 50/50 campus format, which gives students in-person learning 2 ½ days a week.  She’s excited about the latter option because it allows her the social experience of attending school. But, as a parent I am concerned about how my daughter, her classmates, teachers and school staff can safely be around each other during these 2 ½ days each week.

Although the district did provide a detailed plan addressing COVID-19 and student safety – how classroom desks and items are sanitized, if HEPA air filters will be available, their sick policy, social distancing rules, mask requirements and more – it did not include cafeteria or bookstore protocol.

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Do you ever ask yourself why you lock a car when you go into the store, or lock the front door when leaving your house for the day? Protecting personal valuables is just second nature.

Businesses have valuables to protect as well. And it’s not just the material things. It can be trade secrets, confidential emails, or printed documents that in the wrong hands can cause irreparable harm.

Controlling access to who can print documents is a security measure worthy of consideration; and preventing those documents from printing until the sender is physically there to retrieve them is also a good policy.

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