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After a drawn out election week I sat on my couch daydreaming of how to spend my still-unused vacation. Local weekend news was playing as I fired up my laptop to complete an online vacation request. Then the words “data chaos” rang out from a news anchor and stopped me mid-keystroke.

Yes, the same problem Toshiba has been helping businesses solve for years has finally caught mainstream media attention. Who knew that counting paper ballots from the 2020 election could be the catalyst that makes DIGITIZATION OF DATA a household topic? Not me!

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Most people probably don’t give much thought to what creates the words and images imprinted onto the paper emerging from a multi-function printer (MFP). We just know beautiful images and powerful words appear before our eyes within seconds.

It’s all due to toner, of course. But, just what is toner?

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The Silver Lining in the Cloud

By Robert Covington

No one can deny these are unprecedented times. As if the current pandemic, political turmoil and civil unrest weren’t challenging enough, many families and businesses are now dealing with fires, hurricanes and tornadoes that have voracious appetites for destruction. Everything you have can go up in smoke, or down the drain, faster than you can say “flash flood.”

The recent fires in Southern California came close enough to Toshiba’s office, and even my house, forcing evacuations from both locations. Disasters facing others on the five o’clock news might result in evacuations, but until you are confronted with the reality it’s unlikely you give the “what would I take” question much thought.

While a little forethought, both at the office and at the house, may not spare disaster, it can make a little easier to recover.

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By Kathy DeSanti

2020 has been a year to pause and reflect, as well as focus the things that truly matter. For most of us, we’ve traded in the non-stop activities for quiet time with the family. This newfound freedom has also inspired many to let go and travel the open road. At Toshiba, we’ve taken the opportunity to look at ways – near and far – to positively impact the environment.

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The pandemic of 2020 has produced a myriad of consequences for the legal industry, with courts literally closing up shop and halting new case filings, which in turn caused a significant drop in law firm billings.

By June, Clio, a leading legal technology firm, documented a 27% decrease in billings nationwide, leading firms to layoff more than 64,000 employees across the industry, a nearly 20-year low according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

In addition, the coronavirus has forced many lawyers across the U.S. to learn how to work from home, leaving offices empty, void of the traditional labor and technology that moves the legal information out of reach for them.

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