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Six Considerations to Help Restaurants Reopen Safely

By Kathy DeSanti

With the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, restaurants have needed to make drastic changes overnight. Early on, many expanded takeout options and modified business hours or menu options. As restrictions loosen for limited reopening, even more changes are required to comply with new government and CDC requirements for a safe environment.  And for anyone who has eaten out recently, the safer you feel, the more likely you are to return – so getting this right is critical for restaurants nationwide.

Some of these new safety requirements can be easily met by partnering with Toshiba. Our solutions can help with several reopening measures:

1. Inexpensive, eye catching signs to alert customers you’re now open

2. Dynamic, digital menu boards

3. Disposable, single-use menus

4. Reusable menus that can be cleaned between uses

5. Durable takeout menus

6. Touchless compact receipt printers – from kitchen tickets to customer receipts

Going the paper menu route?

You have options!

Disposable, single-use menus can be printed on-demand each day using Toshiba’s monochrome or color e-Studio printers. Inexpensive enough to toss out after each use to eliminate any potential cross contamination. Does your menu change daily? Easily make changes to your design and hit print.   Increase safety and keep your menu current at the same time.

If you’re looking for a menu that is reusable and can be cleaned, Toshiba’s exclusive AquaAce media is water, chemical, UV and tear resistant, and made to print right from your Toshiba eSTUDIO MFP. These can simply be wiped down with alcohol after every use to disinfect. This option is also great for printing takeout menus that will not only last, but stand out in a sea of other takeout menus.

AquaAce paper comes in sizes from standard letter, legal, ledger and banner (12” x 47”) sizes. In addition to reusable menus, this durable print media is perfect for posters and banners as well.

Or, mix it up. Are some items on your menu always available, but the restaurant also offers daily specials?  Print your main menu on Toshiba’s AquaAce reusable paper and your specials on single use.

Want to eliminate paper altogether?  

If you’re interested in eliminating the need for customers to touch a menu, digital may be the way to go.

Toshiba’s digital signage not only cuts down on the possibility of customers passing the virus to one another, but also offers an easy way to change your menu at any time. Are you suddenly out of bacon and have a BLT featured? Within seconds you can take this off your menu completely or swap it out for a new sandwich option.  This allows for tighter inventory control to keep costs down, without disappointing your customers.

Digital signage also allows you to customize the design to your branding. Personalize it with your logo or add images of menu items with ease.

Hands-free receipt printing at every restaurant station

Minimizing the amount of contact customers and staff have during the restaurant experience is crucial. From eat-in, to take-out and deliveries, it’s important to take as many precautions as possible to reduce the spread of infection.

Toshiba’s portable mobile label printers make it easy to avoid the receipt handoff. This gives employees the ability to have on-the-spot printing so customers can take their own receipt.

Features include:

• Mobile receipt printing -These printers use Bluetooth or WiFi which can be paired with tablets, smart phones and more to communicate with the store’s POS (Point of Sales systems).

• Compact portable printers – These printers are light weight (less than 2 lbs) and come with a belt clip so you can wear it on-the-go.

• Multiple uses – These printers can print receipts, tickets for the kitchen, and labels to identify items for pick-up or deliveries. Labels can be applied on each container or the packed order to eliminate errors.

• Easy to use and requires little maintenance – These printers are designed with little maintenance so there is little interruption of workflow, such as clearing printer jams to produce receipts.

With a wide range of printer and MFPs offerings from Toshiba, HP, Lexmark and Brother, Toshiba is ready to help. From printing menus to creating sophisticated digital menu boards, Toshiba can help you design and implement a tailored solution to quickly get your restaurant functioning safely and efficiently.


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