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Open For Business

By Robert Covington

These are unprecedented times we’re all experiencing. COVID-19 has affected every living soul around the world in varying degrees. Federal, state, and local governments in the United States are urging, and in many cases insisting that all non-essential businesses close and send their employees home.

With this said, there are many businesses that are essential. We still have to eat. Those that require prescription medication still need to get to a drugstore. Our cars still need repair. We still need the daily essentials of survival.

Small businesses are relied on to provide these essentials yet it’s not always clear which businesses are remaining open – or at least trying to. Those that are, for instance restaurants that have tried to adapt by packaging their menu items to go, have experienced a dramatic drop-off in sales to say the least.

Toshiba has a solution available for their color MFPs that can go a long way toward getting the word out. The entire line of Toshiba color e‑STUDIO MFPS from the 25ppm e‑STUDIO2515AC to the 75ppm e‑STUDIO7516AC (11 models in total) support printing large 12” x 47” banners and Toshiba additionally offers their water-resistant, UV resistant and tear resistant AquaAce media in this large “banner” size.

More than your standard We’re Open sign the size of a piece of paper, these 4’ long banners really create a visual impact easily seen from passing cars.

To help even more, Toshiba has prepared a variety of simple, to-the-point, electronic banner samples that tell your customers you’re an ESSENTIAL BUSINESS, or OPEN FOR BUSINESS, or are SERVING TAKE-OUT FOOD in these times of crisis.

You’re not just helping your business; you’re helping all of us as consumers that need the essential goods or services that your business can provide.

Do everyone a favor and choose one of these banners for your essential offering and tell the world you’re OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

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