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Not Just Your Home Office, Your Corporate Office at Home

By Tony Venice

Most of us are familiar with the “Home Office” concept, but that typically is a personal setup where you do temporary work assignments or handle family business matters. What we’re experiencing now is entirely different.

The difference is that you’ve decentralized your workforce to do their same job at home. Your employees still need to be tied to your core infrastructure and systems, and you need to uphold the same processes and standards you’ve put in place in your enterprise, just in multiple locations.

This means that any purchasing decisions for your now remote employees should take your business needs into consideration and you need to be strategic about your approach to implementing each corporate office at home.

The same criteria that you use to purchase your corporate office equipment should apply to your work-from-home devices. You wouldn’t allow each employee in your organization to expense different equipment for each of their corporate offices – that would be a purchasing, cost, tracking, and support nightmare. And, the stakes today are even higher when it comes to managing costs and doing this the right way – securely and efficiently.

Even with today’s unprecedented uncertainty, we can’t sacrifice the need to follow corporate policies over the idea of making a quick purchasing decision. Some things to consider in your decision-making process:

•  Take a holistic and cohesive strategy for your business

•  View your remote offices as an extension of your corporate offices

•  Standardize the devices for your work-from-home employees to ensure:

– Better pricing, including access to corporate leasing programs and consolidated invoicing

– Streamlined device management

– Common supplies

– Easier troubleshooting and support

– Seek consistency in device features and capabilities to ensure adherence to company policies

– Consider a managed print program to automate billing, replenishment, support and device shipments

Now, with your checklist in mind, let’s look at which technologies can best service your employees. They probably have their laptops, home network, and maybe a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, but what else is necessary to keep your business running? Do your employees still need to print, scan, and copy?  Do they need to send documents to your cloud storage service?  These are common requirements for productivity and collaboration, but not always a common element in the “home office”.

A small but enterprise-grade printer or multi-function device can help. Maybe they already have a printer, but just need a way to scan documents. A small desktop scanner may be the ticket. By selecting brands like Toshiba that are already part of your corporate environment, you can rest assured that they are equipped with built-in security and management features and can be integrated with your corporate office infrastructure just like your enterprise devices.

So, what features should you consider in deciding what type of print device to purchase? Here are a few key features to consider:


Since most of us have a wireless home network that our computers are connected to, you also want to use for your printing and scanning. This will allow you to switch seamlessly from your laptop to a mobile phone or tablet and print from anywhere in your home.


If your company stores documents in the cloud, you may want to consider a device with built-in apps so you can scan directly to services like OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Most multi-function printers and scanners can also scan to email without the use of a computer.


You may be thinking to yourself, “I’m self-isolating, so how do I remain safe in my home and still get one of these?” Toshiba has a delivery and set-up process that is easy and will keep you safe. We can have your new device shipped directly to your doorstep and can easily be set-up in minutes.


These devices also come with toner and ink, so you are ready to go out of the box. Should you need replacement cartridges, they can easily be shipped to your doorstep in no time.


On the rare case that your new device may need service, these devices can easily be swapped out for a new one. First, you’ll receive a new replacement device and then you ship back the old device in the same box, at no cost.


Adherence to your security and expense policies requires enterprise-grade equipment, the down-the-street printer you can pick up might not meet those needs. Make sure you select something that comes from a trusted brand, with the service and support to back it up no matter where your device is located.

The transition from office to working from home can be challenging. Toshiba is here to help keep your company and your employees working safely, securely and efficiently. Don’t rush the process to get your employees setup or you’ll end up with rogue equipment and sub-standard operating procedures that sacrifice the policies and procedures you’ve put in place for good reasons.

Be thoughtful and strategic in your approach and let us know how we can help you navigate these unprecedented times.

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