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COVID-19 Will Change Your POS Operations Permanently. Here’s How to Manage.

By Mina Lee

For millions of people right now, COVID-19 is a crisis that is changing all aspects of living: working remote, education from home, empty roads and closed businesses.

I recently surveyed several Point of Sale (POS) Value Added Resellers (VARS) and partners trying to understand how their businesses have been impacted. Almost 100% admitted their POS refresh and rollouts are completely stopped until further notice.

It’s no surprise that store owners are focused on how to keep doors open instead of considering store technology updates.

However, crisis can present opportunities, including new ways to use technology.

Many restaurants still offer take-out and drive-through options; and are now trying to leverage technologies to enable them to do online ordering.

Although no one knows exactly when business will be back to normal, companies that remain open are adjusting and trying to function as smoothly as possible. Here is our POS receipt printer guide we hope helps with this transition:

Receipt printers as online ordering devices

Most of the online ordering devices are network enabled and use a printer to print the menu orders.

The Toshiba HSP printer has an ethernet interface along with other unique features such as IP21 splash-resistance and anti-jam mechanisms that are made for the restaurant environment and perfect for online operations.

Print an extra receipt

I ordered take-out food twice last week. One restaurant didn’t have the extra receipt on their end, which caused confusion and frustration for me. The other order had the receipt stapled to my bag, making my experience much easier.

Toshiba offers adhesive labeling options so restaurants can skip the extra step of stapling the receipt and just stick the label on the bag or container. Much more convenient for operations.

Decrease handling of the receipt

Even when business is back to normal and customers can visit restaurants and stores, you might want to think about how to position your receipt printer to minimize the potential spreading of germs. The Toshiba HSP printer is designed to be customer facing, so your patrons can just take the receipt and go without staff touching the receipt. One less interaction to spread a virus.

Protect receipt printer mechanisms during cleaning

Another thing you’ll do a lot more often once your business opens its doors again is cleaning your POS equipment. Since it is a common touch point for staff and customers it’s important to clean it regularly. Luckily Toshiba’s HSP printer is IP21 certified, meaning it is splash-resistant, which keeps your device protected from cleaning solutions. Here is an useful guide on how to clean your POS equipment.

We are an optimistic nation and we always find ways to thrive in any situation. Toshiba will stand with you and your business during this unique challenging time.

I hope this POS receipt printer guide will help you to focus on aspects of your business you can improve on now so when business resumes, you’re in the best position to get back in the game.

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