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Buying multifunction printers (copiers) is somewhat similar to any other significant purchase  – there is much to consider.

The simplest question could help narrow your search: Why do you need new copiers in the first place?

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In November 2019, Google announced that Google Cloud Print (GCP), will no longer be supported starting January 1, 2021.

This announcement impacts current GCP customers and those dealers offering GCP services to their customers as they must both find alternate cloud print solutions before the end of 2020.

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Between work, home, family, COVID and, right now the holiday season, things are beginning to feel a bit overwhelming. Hopefully you’ve already started planning out your days with to-do lists and prioritizing what you need to accomplish to help keep you organized and focused.

But if that isn’t doing the trick and you still feel that burnout coming, here are 5 tips that help me feel more balanced.

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We are all prone to burnout from time-to-time, no matter how busy we are. Unfortunately, COVID has made burnout even more commonplace as we struggle to balance our normal work demands with a heathy dose of new challenges and uncertainty. These additional stressors can make what used to feel manageable now feel overwhelming.

It may seem simple, but the easiest way to feel in control of the chaos is to start with a plan.

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With the continued drive to innovate, the need for accurate, real-time data is growing.  Additionally, the sheer volume of data available will become ever more difficult to pin down.

We have begun to see what some have termed as “data chaos” – an era in which we have amassed so much information that it is impossible to make meaningful sense of it. (Learn more in our previous blog Data Chaos is Mainstream for the Holidays.)

If that sounds overwhelming, then that’s why you need Toshiba.

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